10 Simple Cleaning Tips You Should Know! (Cleaning Motivation)

Cleaning Expert Melissa Maker shares a few tips and tricks to help you conquer clutter and keep things clean and tidy in your home.

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The cleaning tips in this video were shared by the awesome members of the Clean My Space Community! #cleaningmotivation #cleaningvideos #cleanmyspace

COMMENT QUESTION: Who taught you how to clean?

0:00 – Intro
0:51 – Damp Rubber Gloves
1:13 – Cling Film Cover-up
1:59 – Lower Water Levels
2:32 – Storage Cart Solutions
3:37 – Microwave Cleaner
4:27 – Declutter First
4:40 – Extra Reach
5:17 – Tolerance
6:21 – Stinky Shirt Spray
7:00 – Dish Soap Does It All

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My Secret Cleaning System: https://youtu.be/TqHX3pTeRdg
11 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing: https://youtu.be/6aYMg9IQStE
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22 Replies to “10 Simple Cleaning Tips You Should Know! (Cleaning Motivation)”

  1. I watched my grandma cleaning when I was growing up, that´s how I learned, and if I get stuck on something and don´t know how to tackle it, I call my friend, she happens to be one of those people who actually loves cleaning! lol Since I´m Autistic and have ADHD, she helped me figure out a system that works for me, I am the kind of person who needs lists (not only for cleaning, I depend on them for almost everything in my day to day life) depending on how much energy I have (everyday is different) I tackle a small area, a zone, one room or one floor.
    After we moved (from apartment to house) a few months ago, I´ve been keeping a tight ship so that I wouldn´t fall behind and get overwhelmed after getting such an amazing new start, and I have to say, it´s been sooo much easier and actually kinda fun now, more open space, less clutter since we got rid of alot even tho we moved to a much bigger space, I don´t get stuck on where to begin anymore and I don´t have to plan when to clean what and use timers, I go by what I see, smell and touch and it feels sooo freeing 🙂

  2. I learned to clean through trial and error, I’ve watched videos on how maids clean and other cleaning videos to update and streamline.

  3. Wow I just got some cleaning done that had nothing to do with any of these but I had a spark of motivation

  4. I learnt cleaning from my Dad and Mom since when I was a kid and it wasn't fun. But Melissa you inspired me the most as I watched you over the years that cleaning can be fun. Thank you and God bless you! ☺️

  5. I learned how to clean from my mom, but after I grew up, I hated the way cleaners smelled. They made my nose and throat hurt. Now, ALL my cleaning products are recipes I learned from you! Thanks!

  6. you aren’t supposed to dry white shirts —- dawn dish liquid takes out any stains and is a great glass cleaner in my opinion.

  7. I learned from my mom, We weren't the cleanest home but it wasn't nasty. It just wasn't a priority for us. We were country and the outside was much more fun. I was NOT a tidy person growing up and I will never forget my mom telling me as a young girl, you may have a path through the house but you will have a beautiful garden. The real truth, sorta. She taught me when you sweep always do it with bare feet because you can feel where you missed (before we ever had a vacuum) and I taught my son the same way. We are in the process of remodeling our home, laundry room, kitchen, living room and are almost done except for the floors, we are living with nothing but the luan over the old flooring until we finish the bathroom which we just got the walls painted but are ripping out the tub and vanity and replacing them with a repurposed dresser and a tiled walk-in shower instead of the builder grade tub shower enclosure. At 68 I am eliminating a TON of stuff after watching the Swedish Death cleaning video and when it is all said and done I look forward to a clean, clutterless house that is easier to keep clean for an old lady with back issues. I must say that cleaning the walls before painting has been less horrible with the Makers Mark mop, I got it during your initial rollout, best purchase after the microfiber cleaning bundle I already bought from you.

  8. I like to clean, thanks to a friend I had growing up. Her mom taught her to love cleaning, and it rubbed off on me when we’d be together and she would be bustling around making order and wiping counters. I could feel the aura of satisfaction. Later I volunteered cleaning at places like Ronald McDonald House. Still later, I took on a house cleaning job and a business cleaning job. I’ve gathered so many efficiency tips through the years. And dish soap is one of my favorite cleaners ever.Works for so many things, and I always have it on hand!

  9. watching cleaning videos while i clean always helps me. and having a schedule and planning it out.

  10. I taught my self some by being very picky growing up. My grandma ( Dads mom ) was neat and tidy. Always loved cleaning when growing up. Worked as a housekeeper for a few months, cleaned people’s homes beside other jobs. My mom didn’t really teach me much.

  11. My tip for getting motivated to clean: watching a video from another cleaning vlogger, Aurikaterina. My place looks so much better and easier to clean after watching a few of her videos. I don’t always agree with her methods but it gets me in the mood and the task seems less daunting afterwards.
    I learned to clean from my mom, who learned from her mom, and on, and on. I have learned some new tricks from you, however my mother does not appreciate me giving her your tips. I have a friend whose mother taught her *nothing*. The first time she did laundry, she thought bleach was a detergent.???? Luckily, her mother-in-law stepped in and taught her. Cleaning (at home and professional) does not get the respect it deserves in terms of skill and work.

  12. I had to figure out how to clean as a matter of self-defense. 😉 My dad worked long hours and my mom could care less about a clean and tidy home so I read a lot of product labels as a child. My current favorite hack is because I was tired of too much dish soap waste so I took a spray bottle and put about 1/16th dish soap and filled it the rest of the way with water. Let it sit for a little bit and gently swirl until it is mixed. I keep it on the side of the kitchen sink and thoroughly spray hand washed dishes and come back to them a little later and they are practically already clean. I also use it for counters, the fridge, stove top, and I have another spray bottle in my cleaning tote for showers and counters. The soap is evenly distributed with the spray and if I let it sit for a bit, the only active scrub time is when I am wiping/rinsing. I can vacuum and do laundry all day long but I hate cooking and doing dishes so this has been awesome, my kitchen is squeaky clean in less than half of the time.

  13. My mom taught us how to clean. She’d do the white glove inspection ???? However I feel that her choices of ammonia or bleach, mainly ammonia were her go to’s when we did the monthly deep down. As an adult and on my own, I don’t use Ammonia period anymore. I’m sure it’s a good cleaner as many might say, but that left me traumatized ???? No ammonia for me. And extremely rarely do I use bleach

  14. My mother taught us very young how to clean. She also paid us $2 per room! My father tried to teach us to vacuum once but since we never saw him vacuum our house we just laughed ????

  15. I leard to clean on my own since I was a child I can rember jumping up on a chair to wash dishes but other then that the new safer cleaning tricks I've learned from watching tic tocks and some from others and u tube like u

  16. Thank you for the cleaning tips, stay beautiful, God bless idol Melissa Maker from Filipino fans ????????

  17. Microwaving water for 10 minutes is extremely unsafe. It causes unstable 'super heating' which can cause the water to explode and the container to shatter. If you were to put something in it too soon after microwaving (like a lemon, spoon, essential oil, baking soda, or a scrubber) the water would immediately start boiling over and you would have a much higher risk of your dish exploding directly on you. There are SO MANY videos from scientists and appliance repair techs explaining why that's a terrible thing to do. Even if it's worked for someone in the past it's still extremely dangerous. It's genuinely an unsafe recommendation. Instead, boil some water in a kettle, pour it into a heat-safe bowl, add a lemon if you want, and let it sit in the microwave for 10 minutes. You still get the cleaning power of steam without risking anything dangerous.

  18. I learned how to probably clean from you. My mom used to clean the house and my mom would tell us to help her do maintenance cleaning but never deep clean. When my mom passed away in October 2020, I decided to look up how to clean videos and I found you. I love that you use simple ingredients that are safe. My mom would always use strong chemicals. I love the way you teach the 3 way system made cleaning a whole lot easier. I even realized that my mom was even making a few mistakes on cleaning ex vacuuming before dusting. I love your channel watch all your videos. Thank you so much for your channel, or less I won't know what to do.

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