How to Make Foam Shower Walls with Epoxy | Live RECAP @ProjectVanLife Summit

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How to Make Foam Shower Walls with Epoxy | @ProjectVanLife Summit Live Demo RECAP:
In this Live Recap video Mitch teaches us step by step how to make epoxy foam shower walls that are affordable, durable, and is very easy to install. This is a great option for those on the road in their vans, rv’s, or skoolies. These panels are extremely lightweight which is a lifesaver when you’re leading a life down the road. It’s easier on the vehicle and now you have the ability to create functional art that is as unique as your build. There’s limitless color combinations you can do with our resin metallic powders and epoxy dyes. You can get crazy with the colors, or you can replicate natural stone like cararra marble, quartzite, quartz, granite, etc. We have matte and gloss top coat sheen options with our Ultimate Top Coat. It also gives an extra layer of durability with remarkable scratch resistance and gives another layer of depth to your surfaces.

Van Life Tips and Tricks:
Are you dreaming of hitting the road in a van, RV, or Skoolie, but feel overwhelmed by the idea of taking the leap into vanlife? We understand that truly living the lifestyle to it’s fullest can be a daunting task!
You have to find a van, figure out how to park and sleep, how to cook, how to DIY, and just that overall adjustment to tiny space living can feel like a big deal. That’s why Project Van Life created the Vanlife Summit – a free online event designed to provide education and inspiration for anyone looking to start living the vanlife dream or in some cases, renovating them and flipping them as a business. We heard real-life stories, pro tips, and educational step-by-step guides from expert vanlifers. I’m speaking at the event going over epoxy foam shower walls that are durable and extremely lightweight which makes them perfect for a small space. The best part is, Its FREE to join! Simply sign up through the link in the description and join me on friday 2/17. You Got This!

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Chapter Breakdown????
0:00 – Project Van Life Summit – How to make shower foam shower walls tips intro
3:00 – Pouring Epoxy over foam walls step by step DIY tutorial
31:34 – THE BEST SONG EVER MADE – “We’re gonna resin your brain” by Johnnie Ferro

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  1. I think I may have figured out how to redo my shower in my house. Now to your site to check prices…. Thank you for the video and the ideas!!!
    Daytona Beach FL

  2. NE Ohio here. Is there any difference between the epoxy for countertops and the epoxy for the shower walls? You guys put out great videos thanks!

  3. Your welcome. I asked about this 2 years ago, on 1/2 Instalation for my Cargo Trailer camper/ CTC, for the bathroom, when your brother was doing the videos, hope he's doing well in Hawaii, the last time I called In

  4. I'm curious how Grant's Pass got its name? Town names facinate me. Beautiful finish and great job, Mitch!! ????????

  5. I would love to see a video specifically about cutting and preparing the foam.

  6. Do need go clear coat over before install in shower?

  7. I love love love all your videos, and you have taught me how to make so many amazing projects.

  8. Steve North central Missouri. Can't wait to get started on my shower will be ordering to do in White marble any tips on coloring? I have only seen it with a silver?

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