Chef Reviews CRAZY Kitchen Gadgets

Who’s ready for more KITCHEN GADGETS?! Our chef Ben is testing some crazy kitchen gadgets!!

Check out the gadgets we reviewed-
Fruit and Veg Savers:
Mini Bag Sealer:
Smart Bacon Express:
Pepper Mill and Spice Grinder:

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18 Replies to “Chef Reviews CRAZY Kitchen Gadgets”

  1. no one saran wraps their fruit bowls, the gas just dissipates, the stickers would be a pointless waste of money even if they worked

  2. Avocado's tough cause they're so inconsistent. I grew up in California and we had such a nice selection of ripe avo's that when I moved a few states north everything else was extremely disappointing.

  3. The bag sealers don't make sense really. I would prefer folding the wrapper and then putting an office clip on it. I buy them at about 10 for a dollar and are always useful. Allows for reopening and closing as many times as you want, no electricity needed.

  4. The only time I watch Sorted is with my wife while we eat dinner. Figure best way for them not to make us hungry is to be eating a long… That fruit bowl review did not make us hungry.

  5. that bacon thing was ridiculous. cook all your bacon freeze it microwave when you want it.

  6. If you buy several spicegrinder from ikea, each for 5.99 €, with ceramic mill, you get a much better deal. They work perfectly fine, you can afford a several mills and if one us broken, they are easy to replace. (We use them for years, none is broken)

  7. Could the clingfilm have had an adverse effect on the fruit saver thing?

  8. Wow, the boys found some real tat this week. As others have pointed out, the science of the stickers does not add up, it's putting the cart before the horse. My first Hair straightener rebranded. The bacon toaster that doesn't get that you need the fat from bacon to make it really cook, and topping it off with the world's most pretentious pepper mill.
    Fun watch, glad I'm not your accountant.

  9. Don't need a gadget like finamill. Just use an old fashioned mortar and pestle and grind as and when you need. It's worked for thousands of years… need to reinvent the wheel!

  10. Nr2 still is a hair curler???? it works as a sealer, doesnt mean it is. I guess that is how sellers make more money.

  11. Since Ben likes single use gadgets so much you should do a challenge where he cooks using all single use gadgets, but he can't use them for their one use.

  12. The first one got 1/5 and it not only doesnt work as it’s perceived as made it worse, and the bacon one works, just not well, and got 0,75/5 kkkkkkkkkk

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