The Ultimate Planer Upgrade

Global Tooling

I have updated the cutterhead in my planer for the second time, this time with a LUX CUT III Cutterhead from Global Tooling. I had to disassemble much of the drive elements of the planer to take the old straight knife cutterhead out and put the new LUX CUT III cutterhead in. After the new cutterhead was put in, I spent some time tuning up the planer so it cuts very nicely now. The two things that I really like about this new cutterhead are the sound and the ability to plane very thin pieces of stock. The sound of the new cutterhead is slightly quieter than the straight knife cutterhead, but what I really like is that the sound is more pleasing. It’s more of a continuous hum and less of a chopping sound. I was able to plane a piece of pine down to about an eighth of an inch which I wasn’t able to do before. This is going to be very useful.

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0:00 (introduction)
2:13 (installation)
14:18 (adjustments)
18:53 (planing)
21:06 (conclusion)

25 Replies to “The Ultimate Planer Upgrade”

  1. Ahhhhh…..the "scientific " and the "artful"! The perennial debate in the head of every craftsman! Beautifully done video!

  2. 9:25 – you can see one cutter that was removed and installed in a different orientation!
    Looks like those circles are there to keep track of cutters rotation.

  3. I can't understate how much I appreciate your dedication to filming stop motion bits in your videos. I know it must take you ages to film and finish projects as a result, but it's so charming and I hope you continue it for as long as it makes you happy.

  4. Hello, please don't use a "head camera" that makes me sick , i want to vomit ! Some youtubers use that i think that's a bad idear. Thanks for yours videos.

  5. I will never get tired of your Homer Simpson: "Bed goes up", "Bed goes down"… Keep them in 🙂

  6. Your the kind of guy and woodworker who does so much woodworking, that you deserve a high quality cutter head like the one you have now! Congratulations!

  7. I always appreciate the Simpson's sound clips. "Bed goes up, bed goes down"

  8. I personally have had the shelix and lux side by side. I prefer the Lux but the shelix left a similar finish. I never had issues changing the lux blades but I cracked the shelix blades when changing them a few times.

  9. The arc of the cutter head is my favourite Indiana Jones artifact

  10. The owners manual for my Delta planer (similar size and vintage) has detailed instructions on setting these elements down to the thousandths.

  11. Frank is the only psychic that publicly uses his telekinesis on video and no one questions it…

  12. I worked for a flooring manufacture running a German 5 head molder. To sharpen or change profiles we simply loosened a nut and slid the entire head off a shaft,less than a minute. We did have an aluminum spiral head with replaceable knives but would only use it to plane or “ blank” our material. It would leave a corduroy or undulating finish. It was much quieter and if a nick occurred of course you could just rotate one knife. I’ve always been sceptical of segmented heads because of that,especially on jointers. I might consider a swap out if they ever redesigned planers and jointers with easy removable heads. It won’t happen in my lifetime. Love your content.Cheers from Vancouver Island.

  13. It's a wonder your still alive with all that shit going in your lungs.

  14. “I found I don’t get a lot done if I don’t have a deadline”.

    I’ve never felt so called out

  15. Hi Frank. Don't forget to mark the video as containing a paid promotion. YouTube and most governments consider free or discounted products as compensation just like cash. (And this planer head is $1700 retail)

  16. Great video, but the random music clips and homer voice clips made me think i forgot to close another tab, that felt a bit odd.

  17. I appreciate you explaining what you're doing and telling us the names of all the pieces during disassembly very thoroughly! I feel like I know every piece name now! 😀

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