28 Replies to “Chef TRICK For Cutting Avocado”

  1. Sliced them all to make them pretty then you mashed the heck out of them. What’s up wit dat?

  2. As a Jamaican we’ve been doing that since 2 years old. Nothing new, thanks for the video

  3. Josh – You are mashing your avocados wrong. Home chef tip – just mash the half avocados. It is easier and they are going to get mashed up anyway. No need to slice it first.

  4. Chef's trick cut like this.. immediately mashes in a molcajete ????????????

  5. DAMN JOSH!!! I’m an entirely different person after watching a few of these shorts. I’m about to grab an avocado right now!

  6. I would do it in halves because I had a big rounded spoon that was the perfect size to scoop out the half

  7. I cut a part off and squeeze the avocado out and sometimes the skin breaks more

  8. I feel like half of your shorts is just a way to try and make yourself look like a better chef but in the end it makes you look snobbish and kind like a jack ass. Who care how you cut open an avocado it doesn't matter how you do it in the end making videos like this is just dumb and a bad idea.

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  10. Whys it matter how it looks so much when it'll start to brown within 10 mins. Also I microwaved an egg for breakfast fight me

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