Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheesesteak

A Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheesesteak off a griddle with our homemade jalapeño ranch is one of the tastiest sandwiches you will ever eat!

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23 Replies to “Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheesesteak”

  1. Not a Dallas fan by any means but based off the quick jab at the salty eagles fans I had to share this. As someone who has grown up in Northern California his entire life no more than 2 hours from the 49ers who I absolutely can't stand the obnoxious fan base, this song goes out to you

    Sung to the tune of lambchops this is the song that never ends

    This is the quest that never ends
    Yes it goes on and on my friends
    Some people started singing it way back in 95
    And you'll never see number 6 as long as you're alive
    Because this is the quest that never ends
    Yes it goes on and on my friends

    All together now

    Thanks meat church for a pantry full of amazing rubs, the wife loves the pulled pork tacos and overnight briskets on the timberline xl. They had their disneyworld vacation now I need my Waxahachie TX vacation to learn from the best.

  2. I keep coming back to watch your videos for a reason. Good ol' honest opinions, amazing food, great tips that help me cook @ home & now finally my favorite part. Eagles jokes! Keep up the good work

  3. First off, another brilliant recipe idea by the master himself, Mr. Matt Pitman!!! Really enjoyed the after thoughts episode afterwards as well! Second, to HELL with a bunch of Whiney, Bitchy, Cry-Baby-Ass eagle fans!! Seemed as though all the comments during the video were facts. And facts are facts. So, if the truth hurts, well then Bless Their Poor Little Philadelphian P*******!

  4. I love the humor in this video! More of that please!!! Subtle jabs and jokes are perfect ????????

  5. Great recipe Matt!! And I love all the Philly jokes, they definitely deserve it! Go Cowboys!!

  6. Philly fans are VILE scum. Not all of them, but the majority makes everyone look bad. So much for the “City of Brotherly Love.” ????????????????????????????

  7. "Be better." Amen, Brother. One of my go to grills at my shop is a tiny Walmart Weber knockoff I picked up for under $20. And I've turned out some incredible BBQ on that thing. So, stop hating, haters. Just cook and be happy.

  8. Thank you for saying something about the comments about what one cooks on. Life is too short to hate on things. Your recipes are appreciated!

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