Open Face Cucumber Sandwiches, Cream Cheese Makes them So Good

Open Face Cucumber Sandwiches, Cream Cheese Makes them So Good, Simple Ingredient Southern Cooking – Recipes you will Love – Old Fashioned Recipes – Collard Valley Cooks
Cucumber Sandwiches are simple to make and so very good! This recipe is an old favorite that many of our mothers made for tea parties and showers. It is always a treat to find these as an appetizer. This recipe is not listed in our cookbook but it can be printed from our website.
And all recipes are printable free from our website here:
With the economy’s food prices rising sky high, it is a great time to purchase staple ingredients and cook at home. This recipe has simple ingredients that you should already have in your own kitchen. Add this great cucumber sandwich recipe the next time you head to a group gathering!
Do you miss your Mama’s cooking? Don’t miss this chance to learn how to do it! By watching Tammy on Collard Valley Cooks, you will discover the world of southern cooking through the eyes of a Georgia raised country girl. She shares her Family Recipe Secrets and Southern Cooking Recipes!
Tammy Nichols is certain that a recipe is not enough to gain the inside scoops and tips that you need to learn. Join us today and experience what it is like to cook in a Southern kitchen. Gain knowledge and skills that only our mama’s had, and you will see the results when your family brags about your cooking!
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Tammy Nichols is on a mission to teach YOU how to cook just like mama did! She enjoys being in the kitchen bringing you everyday dishes that her mama, granny and maw maw made. No fancy ingredients, just good old country girl cooking. Tammy grew up on Collard Valley Road in Cedartown – Polk County (NW) Georgia. She now lives in Saint Marys, GA. with her husband who is retired from the GA. School System and has girls in college at Georgia Southern in Savannah, Georgia. Thanks for watching and Happy Cooking Like Mama Did!!

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21 Replies to “Open Face Cucumber Sandwiches, Cream Cheese Makes them So Good”

  1. Never had cucumber sandwiches. Can't wait to make it. We made our banana sandwiches with mayo on one slice of bread & peanut butter on the other. ????

  2. I miss Benedictine on toast, sandwiches,etc. It was sold everywhere, but now people have no idea what it is ‼️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. A friend of mine made these and sprinkled a little bit of garlic salt/garlic powder on hers. They are very good!

  4. Tammy, did you know someone else has started a channel on YT called Collard Valley Cooks? Is that also your channel?

  5. Hi tammy and family
    Look delicious mmm
    We love all with the love of the LORD JESUS CHRIST
    Thank you for sharing

  6. Dill tastes good mixed in too. I've had cucumber slices and cream cheese on bread slices, cut corner to corner with dill sprinkled on top. Delish! Baby shower. Thanks for the reminder. I'll make these this summer.

  7. We made them using little party rye bread spread cream cheese topped with a slice or two of thin cucumber then sprinkled with dill. I like to make them your way. They are refreshing. Thanks for the video. We also called them Benedictine sandwiches and sometimes the cream cheese had a little green food coloring added. Kentucky girl.

  8. 69 years old and never had a cucumber sandwich! I would have eaten one had I been around them because I love cucumbers.

  9. I went to my first ever tea party this year at an awesome area library and they had cucumber sandwiches. Yours look delish and I may take some like yours to the next tea! Thanks!!

  10. I have had them many times and I thing mayonnaise was added. Yours look great. Wish I had some to snack on.

  11. I don’t think I ever had cucumber sandwiches cucumber on a sandwich but not like this will have to try

  12. I don't think I've ever had one of these. But I think I remember the pineapple/mayonnaise sandwiches. Can someone tell me what all goes in those?

  13. Oh yes I've many cucumber sandwiches in my life. I haven't had one in years though due to health issues. But I know my family will love this recipe. Can't go wrong with cream cheese!

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