Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread | Easy & Delicious Baking

Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread:

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This decadent Chocolate Banana Bread is sure to become your new favorite dessert. This delightful treat is a twist on traditional banana bread, adding a rich chocolate swirl that takes this classic recipe to the next level.


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20 Replies to “Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread | Easy & Delicious Baking”

  1. Beautiful looking banana bread, will definitely be making it on the weekend! Thank you!

  2. This Banana Bread look so beautiful and delicious! I’m so excited to try this recipe tomorrow ???? Thank you so much Sara Lynn ♥️ you’re such a diamond! Peace and blessings ????

  3. OMG! How amazingly delicious ???? this looks! My kitchen is currently being redone and I’m temporarily using a convection oven, I wonder if this would work out if I try baking it in the convection oven? Thank you for this recipe and if you have any advice on the C.Oven please let me know!!! ❤❤

  4. God I envy you for getting to eat this lol, I am currently on a cut for a competition and this is making my mouth water!

  5. Vegan Banana Bread recipe I use:
    3 medium, ripe bananas

    ¼ c vegetable oil

    ¼ c almond (or other vegan) milk

    ½ c brown sugar (or ½ c course sugar and some molasses)

    2 c all-purpose flour

    1 t cinnamon

    1 t baking soda

    ½ t salt

    2 t pure vanilla extract

    1 c walnut pieces, optional

    ¾ c vegan chocolate chips, optional

    Preheat oven to 350oF. Spray or coat with oil a 9” x 5” loaf pan.

    In a large mixing bowl, roughly mash the bananas with a fork. It's fine to leave some little chunks.

    Add brown sugar, oil, and almond milk and combine well with fork.

    Add flour, cinnamon, salt, and baking soda, vanilla and mix well with a spatula.

    Toss walnuts and chocolate chips with a little flour to coat and add to the bowl and stir to mix.

    Transfer the batter to prepared pan.

    Bake 45 min. then cover with foil (carefully because it transfers heat right away) and bake another 15 min. or until a knife comes out clean or with only a few crumbs.

    You could probably also use this recipe to make banana muffins.

  6. The fact that you shared your grandmother's banana bread recipe is just so awesome. This looks amazing!!

  7. I notice that there is not a lot of video with pear or fruit in general, there is some, but mosly smootie than dessert and i would love to discover new recipes with fruits, if possible! Your recipe is always easy and healty!

  8. Can you share more information about your grandmother's banana bread such as oven temperature and length of time to bake? Thank you.

  9. Does adding the cocoa make the chocolate batter too dry? Do you need to add a bit more liquid?

  10. Truly appreciate you putting the ingredients on the screen to cook with you as we go. Blessings ❤

  11. Sara Lynn, you always make your beautiful breads with such love and dedication.

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