A Modern House in Ahmedabad With Traditional Sloping Roofs

Designed by Hiren Patel Architects, House With Sloping Roofs is a contemporary modern-day house reflecting elements of traditional architecture and materials.

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“A house amidst nature” was the clients’ prior thought.
To achieve this, the architect aimed to design an experience where the indoor spaces invite the outdoor spaces to blend in.

Using full-height sandwiched glass in the facade helped achieve this connection. Multiple elements are designed using a variety of glass to enhance every space in the house, be it the glass bridge, shower partitions, or the double-height facade.

Principal Architect Hiren Patel carefully designed every space keeping in mind the sun’s orientation, the climate of the region, and deep experiments with various materials to suit this design.
The landscape around the house also follows similar orientation principles to ensure the gardens are always blooming.

Photo & Video Credits: Vinay Panjwani
Architecture Journalist & Video Editor: Yamini Patil

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  1. No doubt your drawing is Pathetic but you created a Master Piece.
    I hate your painting but I extremely Loved the beautiful house created by you.

  2. Please bring more masterpieces by Hiren Patel. Especially the Garden House from Ahmedabad

  3. Mr. Patel is hands down one of the best architectural minds in India. His work is so soulful

  4. Whenever I see such grand houses, I always wonder what the owner does for living and why I cannot do the same to achieve such a dream house.

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