My First KFC Double Down – the bun-less fried chicken sandwich

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KFC’s Double Down is back! This bun-less sandwich is composed of two layers of fried chicken filled with bacon, cheese & sauce. Wowzers!

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Drive-Thru Taste Test:

00:00 Intro
0:12 Sponsorship
1:24 What is the Double Down?
2:48 ????????
3:05 Storytime.
3:43 Sweet Lightning.
4:28 The Double Down.
7:18 ????+????
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Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound, and ‘Sprightly’ from iMovie. You’ve made it to the end — welcome! Comment: “Lemon-scented wet nap, please!”

28 Replies to “My First KFC Double Down – the bun-less fried chicken sandwich”

  1. Here in Australia, we had a version of the double down, but we had a slice of pineapple in it and I’m pretty sure it had mayonnaise and bacon and cheese but I’m unsure if it had to pickles or not because I didn’t get the chance to try it

  2. Looks like a: 'heart attack w/o a bun' w. extra salt there! No Thanks!
    Emmy taste tested it so I / we don't need to now!

  3. Bunless? Does KFC ever come in a bun?
    I'd rather it be boneless than bunless ????

  4. Looking at that big fried chicken, basically chicken katsu, I feel it will be a filling meal with rice, haha

  5. Tried this monstrosity many years back. It was like eating a salt lick. Horrible.

  6. the first time my sister and i had this we had a sodium attack and felt like i was gonna die lol

  7. Are they still selling the double bypass? I thought that was a limited time thing…

  8. KFC used to be such a treat when I was a kid. Now it just seems like over-salty substandard fried chicken.

  9. Emmy eats a sandwich , the world watches mesmerized , KFC sales go through the roof .. a peaceful chicken induced calm washes over the world ???? .. thank you Emmy

  10. I felt that "Whoah!" when she had the drink – Mountain dew is so sweet, and their non-standard flavors are even worse. It makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it! ????

  11. You got the sodium content wrong when I googled it last night it said 1880 MG you stated like 1300mg.

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