CITY LIFE | Downtown Tampa

Come along on a day with me in Downtown Tampa! It started off with Kaitlin and I going to brunch at Oxford Exchange, finding a new coffee aesthetically pleasing coffee shop. Then Joey and I went to dinner and found a cool rooftop, enjoy!

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21 Replies to “CITY LIFE | Downtown Tampa”

  1. Also you need to try that spicy chocolate penutbutter ice cream at dough it’s so goooood

  2. Hey I’m Nic New vlogger from Tampa just wanted sayThat intro is slick!! I really like your vlogging style too nice b-roll of downtown too. You should checkout kahwa Coffee too when you get the chance they have such a refreshing take on coffee

  3. luv the vids. I just subscribed. I am moving to the Tampa area this year, so these vids are really informative. thanks

  4. This is for those who smoke in or around the Tampa area, what are some chill/cool ass smoke spots in Tampa, preferably places that overlook water or that are very urban with lots of nice buildings and scenery it doesn’t really have to be secluded and can be public since i do enjoy smoking a blunt while walking in public, if your local pls lemme know some cool spots I need ur help

  5. ughh this makes me miss tampa SO much 😭 i visit it once a year and it’s my dream to live there

  6. What tf is the point/purpose of brunch. I mean is it lunch. Is it breakfast. And what times are you allowed to eat brunch. What are brunch foods. I mean like seriously just why.

  7. I bought a 25th floor unit at Skypoint facing sunrise back in May 2014 but sold it in Aug 2015. I miss that place.

  8. Next time you're in Tampa you NEED to go to The Lab Coffee. It's literally the best coffee I've ever had. Also i'm a senior at Tampa prep and even though we're technically rivals, we should be friends.

  9. I live near downtown Tampa.

    How much money do you have to make to live this way?

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