Authentic New York Bacon Egg and Cheese At Home

This is the breakfast recipe king of any breakfast sandwich. At least that’s what New York Says.

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11 Replies to “Authentic New York Bacon Egg and Cheese At Home”

  1. I put grape jelly on breakfast Sammies all the time. Surprised you never heard of it

  2. Alright. I have a challenge for you. Do you think you could make this PKU friendly? Low protein with meat substitutes? Cambrooke foods has a huge selection of different pre-made breads and tortillas to pick from as well as pastas. If you could do this you could help enlighten the world about the rare metabolic disorder PKU.

  3. I have a weird but better idea, could you possibly do a but better against the Dominos Parmesan bites?

  4. New Yorker here and I'm gonna be a bit sacrilegious and say I usually order a sausageeggncheese. Like this: Dame un sauycheez. They understand.

  5. I want to say as a New Yorker who has moved to the West Coast i didn't want to be a snob about the food. Generally its OK, but lol the nyc basics? Pizza , B.E.C., Gyros , Beef paddies… fugedaboutit…bagels…HAHAHAHAH SOUL FOOD…k im done for now.

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