Will we even get a harvest? Fall Garden Planning

Even though it’s mid-July, for this time of year my garden seems a bit pitiful. One of the things about homesteading and gardening is that you have to hold a lot of your plans loosely. And to be ready to pivot or make changes because there are always outside circumstances that are out of our control.

Come along and garden with me as I walk through my gardening tasks in July!

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13 Replies to “Will we even get a harvest? Fall Garden Planning”

  1. Here in NC it has been hot and extremely humid that which is affecting my tomatoes and zuchinni

  2. QUESTION will replanting the 3rd year strawberry runners into a new bed provide a good crop the next year or will it be less than optimal because they came from 3rd year plants? That's the situation I'm in this year and I'm unsure whether to plant the runners or plan on new crowns next spring. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help

  3. same thing in montreal canada… zucchini cucumber.. are sooo slow… i didnt eat one yet! got tons of greens beans loll

  4. Im down here in Gray's Harbor and my poor warm weather crops are sad this year, its been rough. My brassicas and greens are doing really well though.

  5. It is a weirdly cold spring and early summer this year. Tomatoes are struggling in our garden 😌

  6. I’m zone 9 and I’m not getting much of anything . I direct sowed twice with some of my squash and they didn’t make it then finally beginning June started sprouting but 5 out of 10 plants are stunted. My tomatoes are doing great tho.

  7. The deer are eating my garden so much that I go out in the AM to destroyed plants. Mama and her fawn even come over during the day to snack now!

  8. Thank you for this video. I am in Battle Ground WA zone 8b and I, too, have seen so much delay. Most of mine I started (bought 4 pepper plants because mine died) and transplanted. So far lettuce and turnip greens are great. My asparagus was late but produced well. I definitely am worried about my garden’s ability to produce what we need. I feel better now that I know it’s not just me, it’s Mother Nature.

  9. It was so hot in the Pacific Northwest last year I had success with watermelons!!

  10. I live in Renton. I was actually going to ask you what I was doing wrong, lol. I have spent 1000s trying to container garden in our tiny yard —you know — because the apocalypse is here. So far we have harvested one tiny cherry tomato so far. I have a black thumb. I could have just bought more canned food. It has been such a waste!

  11. Oh Melissa, I'm in the same boat here in Vancouver, WA with all my warm season things. 💔 I feel a little better knowing it's not what I'm doing causing the failure but I'm so sorry you're experiencing this too!

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