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  1. This sort of 'pressure' lantern is very useful as brightness can be tune . i first come across it in the late 1970s but with only a single 'mantle' to bright up….yours is much better with a few in it.

  2. I had a Coleman heater in the Army and brought it on field maneuvers because there weren't enough of the Army-issue diesel heaters. Didn't bring enough Coleman fuel though and some idiot tried regular gas in it. Nearly started a fiare, ruined my great little heater and the Captain banned personal heaters. If you were too low on the chain of command you have to rely on your sleeping bag to keep you warm.

  3. An old woman was moving with an old lantern,
    It was dear to her for its good pattern,
    She did not know how long she had been using it,
    To her the lantern was famous for its feat.
    It had protected the woman from darkness
    And guided her towards certain happiness,
    She depended so much on it to walk on her route
    That she could not believe it had developed a layer of deep soot.
    Someone promised to give her a new one,
    But she denied saying her soul could not reject her old lantern.

  4. I remember reaching for the Coleman lantern handle and getting burned a lot. Digging for night crawlers, cat fishing, frog giggin, all the bugs surrounding the lantern and flying in your face, ears, nose and eyes. Ahhhhh good times.

  5. Watching this around four a.m. along with my new lantern on. Not gas but battery operated. Thanks these old lanterns bring me back to my childhood.

  6. we use a Coleman single burner cook stove that runs on petol its brillliant for camping on our motorbike as you can never run out of fuel we just take it from bike tank

  7. Not the frogs!!!!!! I remember as a teen living in the Midwest, I took a 10 hour trip with my dad to Alabama to visit grandaddy and my favorite memory is nature and the many baby frogs in his yard at night!!! It was pure bliss ❤ needless to say as an adult I now live in Alabama where I hope for my kid to see the beauty in nature here and experience all the opportunities that I found. Having many ancestors here makes it feel nice even though they have either passed away moved away or are elderly. Nice video I felt the crisp cool evening in my soul watching this! ❤

  8. Oh thank you! I can’t tell you how many good memories I have of family around the light and sound of the old coleman pump up lanterns. What s time we had!

  9. Its those simple thoughts and simple pleasures that warm a heart. Thanks for the simple share.

  10. Thank you Dave for another video of wisdom that can only be told by you and Brooke. Anyone else and it doesn't have the same meaning and doesn't hit home properly. Love to listen to both of you!!!

  11. Oh yes, love my Coleman lanterns and stoves. With a little care you will have them for a lifetime. Nothing draws moths like a Coleman lantern burning in the deep woods. Big fat wood moths with amazing patterns on the wings, fluttering wings so fast they are a blur. Really great memories.
    Thanks Dave ❤

  12. Use my dual fuel stove and lantern every day. So nice and yes love the sound so much I got an alladen lamp for the house. Same sound

  13. Sunset is the greatest time of day , I would rather get all done in the dark and cool , instead of cooking in the sun ????‍♂️????✌️????

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