college week in my life: exams, working out, studying!

It’s Sunday so you know what that means.. A NEW COLLEGE WEEK IN MY LIFE VLOG!! Ahhh, I love posting these so much. Enjoy another college week in my life vlog as I prepare for my first exam, workout, hang with friends, go to Athens Church, and more!

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13 Replies to “college week in my life: exams, working out, studying!”

  1. Love your vlogs keep up the good work, just subscribed 🙂 does anybody know what’s the name of the camara she’s using? Hopefully danielle sees this and writes me back

  2. honestly you are such a good vlogger!!! I love how you show us everything in your day and keep us update🤩

  3. I love Danielle's week in my life's because they are long enough that I can watch it while getting ready in the morning and they are always different and lowkey get me pumped for the day

  4. YOU NEED TO TRY DOTERRA ONGUARD!!! IT IS A LIFE SAVER! it helps prevent getting sick and kicks a cold if you do get one.. AMAZING STUFF!!!!

  5. I just have to say that when Brooke posted her podcast with her friends, the audio was not the best. It was cutting in and out. Still a good pod though, but it was hard to listen to sometimes. Also, sounds like someone hit your car.

  6. DoTERRA is an MLM 🙁 companies that are MLMs often push their employees into debt and the products are not properly regulated, I would look into it more!

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