Color Correction 1: Brightness & Contrast The temptation is always to choose the easiest tool in the box when sometimes another tool will do an much better job! In this Premiere Pro tutorial Andrew Devis will show you how to avoid using the dreaded brightness & contrast tool and damaging your shot in the process! Andrew will show you the correct tool to choose so that the full dynamic range is preserved and your shot looks great when you need to brighten it or change the contrast.

27 Replies to “Color Correction 1: Brightness & Contrast”

  1. the very best and detail tutorial on Color correction. Keep good work. Thanks

  2. 12:17 – video actually starts here, the rest was just explaining why not to use the simple Brightness and Contrast plugin. Dude…seriously? You could have just told us to skip to the end. Also, you could have just stated in 1 minute what took you 12 minutes to say. Smh.

  3. I recently shot a video in a club where the lights alternate between colors. any tips on how to effectively color correct under those circumstances?

  4. Thank you Andrew. I was using Lighting Effects but Fast Color Corrector is by far superior at brightening up dark shots. Another great tutorial!

  5. I finally learned what's wrong with my videos.Thanks for the wonderful and educational video.

  6. This is great and very helpful Thank you Andrew! That was very clear! 🙂 Have a beautiful day!

  7. One of the best and most informative tutorials I've watched for Premiere Pro from start to finish, well done sir, the subscribe button has been pressed.

  8. great tips thanks. always going for the brightness stuff but this is a way better option

  9. sometimes brigthness level is crucial but only when you do know what you are doing.
    For example it is a great way to adjust to move shadows to required range if you not hiting right exposure. So it is great exposure compensation tool.
    But of course it is not right not way to use to adjust white levels 🙂

  10. Brilliant Andrew!  Using the Fast Color Corrector to do some saturation fixes and almost used the brightness & contrast FX. Wrists now slapped and I'm making much better adjustments with the Levels.  Also embarrassed to say I forgot about the reference monitor view. Been switching back and forth to reference on my program window – now I can see both program and reference at the same time.  Thanks!!!!

  11. You should get an Academy Award for training and your tutorials Andrew! I have all your videos on my desktop drive to go and check for whenever I need something and it solves the situation. Many thanks. Claude from Paris France.

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