17 Replies to “Risotto chicken & parmesan crisp”

  1. I LOVE your parmesan crisp and will be using it for accenting dishes. My family cooks cheeses like this and calls them "cheesies". Your plating is incredible and the risotto looked so YUMMY! Thanks you for sharing this video.

  2. When you are putting the Parmesan cheese on the baking tray it won't stick right plz reply

  3. А можно на русском тоже писать

  4. the ris. rice looks so very yummy 9 wish I could have this plate right now. i love food and I can smell the passion you have for food and bringing out the best of your pan on a plate. also the different veggies for this recipe. it is a very classic dish. my cimpliments to you chef. keep on inspiring and God bless you.

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