Construction of a Duplex Part 14

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21 Replies to “Construction of a Duplex Part 14”

  1. Erik, I have a story about plywood being a sail. I love near Pittsburgh Pa, and the terrain is very similar to where you live, mountainous. We were framing a house in 2002 during winter, an area named Fox Chapel. There was a new guy working with us, college boy, just trying to make some extra money. He shot himself with the nail gun, in the morning, in his hand. Then after lunch the wind picked up to about 45 miles an hour. Top of a huge hill, and I kid you not, a sheet of 5/8" OSB lifted right off the pile. It flew about 25 feet right over the new guys head and slammed into our braced walls. It was laying flat, and still lifted off. Needless to say, the guy never came back after that day. Lol.

  2. Used my triple hammer and it's definitely my favorite impact now and it's not even close. Velvety smooth

  3. 18:00 we were doing a rubber roof working on a flat commercial roof with holes in the deck for HVAC units, guy had a big sheet of insulation, picked him up in the air and dropped him right down through that hole… dead

  4. You guys really need to invest in a mini excavator and a small telehandler. Save you lots of $$ and time and your productivity would increase. With a telehandler (or a lowl as you call them) you could have lifted those rafters without the expense of a crane. I know you've talked about the cost of buying equipment before, but the way I look at it is the cost is an investment in your business and a way to increase the profits that you pay yourselves through time savings and labor savings. Work smarter, not harder.

  5. In Denmark it bad luck for the home owners, if they don’t grill up some food and provide some adult beverages when we are done with the trusses. It called “rejsegilde”

  6. "Richtfest" (topping out) is celebrated around here when the last beam is set and/or the roof is dried-in. It's not a week long break but usually a nice evening with all the builders/helpers.

    Usually a big decorated branch or small tree is nailed to the top of the roof to "bless" the building.

  7. Us Aussies will pretty much have an excuse for a BBQ any time. So pretty much every Friday arvo it’s time to cook some snags, clean up the site and then have a few brews to close out the week.

  8. I was interested to see how the roof would be boarded, I was impressed. It seemed to be quite quick and easy, I do know editing can make it look simple, it is a neat job. As for Jays underwear, are you sure he doesn't wear budgie smugglers ? Great post, thank you and all you guys be safe and well ????????????????????

  9. This idea would suit Jamie perfectly. Using your extension ladder, build a sliding platform that would carry the sheet goods up to the roof. The rope or chain or whatever he comes up with would be in a loop so the guy on top would be the one hoisting the panels up. When I was a framer, we use to have the crane fly the sheets up when he was done flying the trusses. I think the ladder idea would work for you guys plus it's easier then having to move the scaffolds when you want to relocate. I agree with you about cutting the angles on the ground. It's safer and far more precise.

  10. It's a beautiful thing looking down on that roof from above. That ZIP system looks awesome!

  11. You guys did a beautiful job!! Jay.. I think your suppose to wear the underwear on date night.. so u look pretty for her lol. Oh my god … You guys should definitely go shirtless.. maybe more women would watch❤.. I know I would love it.. and get jay doin his cool dance moves… Hehe I'm dreaming.. what?? A girl can dream!❤❤❤…. You guys should do live videos.. people would tip you for answering questions ❓… Like once a month or something..

  12. I am blown away with that truss that laid ON TOP of the other trusses. Gone are the days of straddling trusses nailing jack and hip extensions between trusses. That install was so painless and quick, I gotta see if they allow that in Ontario Canada. SO FAST.

  13. Owning a leaky roof, I so admire the work they put in with the zip system roof. =(

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