House Tours: A Colorful Parisian Apartment in France

Name: Alice Gras, Anaïs Seguin, and cat, Billie
Location: Paris, France
Type of Home: Apartment
Years Lived In: 2 years, renting

Alice and Anaïs are the founders of the creative studio Girlzpop and of the media company, MOYO. And their French apartment has classic Parisian elements — crisp white walls, crown molding, arched doorways, and gold-rimmed mirrors. Alice and Anaïs have personalized the space with playful lighting fixtures, a custom-upholstered green fringed velvet sofa, and a cerulean blue dining set.

Instagram: @girlzpop_


0:00 – Intro
0:42 – Colorful Furniture
1:51 – Living Room
3:27 – Dining Room
3:59 – DIYs
4:57 – Corridor Decoration
5:48 – Outro

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21 Replies to “House Tours: A Colorful Parisian Apartment in France”

  1. ماشاء الله تبارك الله روعه روعه بجد❤ممكن تخلى فديوهاتك مسموح بإعادة استخدامها؟❤

  2. What a lovely apartment! It's colorful without being chaotic. I just loved listening to them speak English! The French accent makes it so musical! Beautiful music!

  3. LOVE the couch! It's my favorite shade of GREEN! This apartment is such a beautiful space❤

  4. I wonder how a feng shui specialist would consider the bedroom. I'm sorry, but the headboard reminds me of something not-so-nice.

  5. While I am not a fan of white walls the way they accentuate so many nice colors into their furnishings and add-ons that it works wonderfully.

  6. I believe in green velvet sofas. They last and always look comfy. Billie the kitty is adorable.

  7. Not enough scalloped edges! ???? The apartment itself is absolutely lovely, the interior decor however….

  8. C'est vraiment un autre style. Très jolie déco.Ce n'est plus le style bohème bourgeois parisien très tendance il y a quelques temps, c'est plutôt un style British champêtre.Enfin de la couleur et non du beige,blanc et bois ! Bravo les filles ,on aime.

  9. Their apartment is beautiful, I love the colors and the style of everything. I've always wanted to move/live in Paris and their place just solidified another reason why!

  10. Well done ladies! I always like neutrals but now I want more color! The home is such a relaxing colorful elegance to it.

  11. It's absolutely gorgeous and so inviting.I love what you've done with it.????????????????????????????

  12. What a beautiful space – Parfait!!! I'm sure the magnificent cat enjoys all the sunshine too!

  13. Beautiful apartment but I am obsessed with that gold shopping cart in the corner????????

  14. I believe that painting the whole apartment white is wrong. The (amazing) objects feel like randomly put in the space. I strongly believe that a wisely painted wall ties the objects in a room and provides coherence and consistency.

  15. hey AT, lovely tour! would it be somehow possible to add square meters (m2) to your house tours in the future? i assume that you have a lot of viewers outside of the US, so this might be helpful. thank you ????

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