Core Exercise: Plank

Learn how to correctly perform a plank exercise for core strengthening from our pediatric spine experts.

If any exercise causes you pain or discomfort, you should stop doing the exercise and consult with a healthcare professional.

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22 Replies to “Core Exercise: Plank”

  1. what would be the inhalation and exhalation timing while the process

  2. Is it okay if my stomach muscles are sore after doing planks? Is it fine or not?

  3. it is weird that i can easily do the plank ? like i can hold it for quite some time ( i don't time i just wait till i start shaking)

  4. what about full planks where you are on your hands instead of your forearms

  5. Благодарность за полезные упражнения! Возьму на заметку пожалуй! А вообще увлекательно и полезно с точки зрения контента тут у Вас, потому предлагаем честную дружбу 😉, мы уже с вами 🔔🔔🔔! Будем с удовольствием ждать вас у себя в гостях ❤️❤️❤️

  6. For some reason planks don’t work for me, I retract my shoulders, squeeze my gluteus, look straight forward and don’t sag, and ik for a fact it’s not because I have strong abs because I haven’t worked them out for a year, I could probably do a 30 min plank but my arms get tired or I get bored before I even feel a sensation in my abs. Could anyone help me? Is there some secret that switches on the intensity?

  7. 1 minute planks every day is amazing for slimmer waist it tightens your stomach and lower back

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