How To Moisturize and Seal Your Natural Hair

This was a requested video on how to moisturize and seal your dry natural hair. I have type 4 hair and it becomes dry very often. This is what I do to maintain moisture throughout the week.

Step 1: Wash/Condition/Deep Condition
Step 2: Apply a Water Based Leave-In
Step 3: Apply a light oil
Step 4: Allow hair to dry for about 20 minutes
Step 5: Apply a cream or shea butter
Step 6: Apply Castor Oil to ends
Step 7: Twist up hair for a few days

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26 Replies to “How To Moisturize and Seal Your Natural Hair”

  1. I am so confused but you explained everything you so well. I been having excessive fairy knots. Obviously, I am not moisturizing and sealing my ends correctly. I been using Green Magic hair grease to moisturize my scalp and my ends. So do I put the moisturizer on my ends too and do I need to part my scalp in more than one section to get it into the scalp.

  2. I love your video I think we have the same type of hair I've been struggling with dry hair for so long can you recommend a list of products I can use

  3. Sorry for asking late…after twisting your you leave it through out the week and loosen it on the weekend? My hair is really short..I just cut it recently,so please I need advice on how to keep it natural and what to hair is soft!!! And again when you put the you wash it or leave it till the weekend?

  4. So what's the consistency of the leave in conditioner u mix with ur water? Is it liquid, or more lotion? Im asking bc I use a leave in but its liquid. Does that matter when moisturizing?

  5. Coconut oil makes my hair feel crunchy as well. I like NOW brand's apricot, avocado, and almond oil.

  6. I did &my hair is beautiful I can't believe it worked thank u miss cinnamon well she is my sister any way

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