Costco Deals – Let's Shop!

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Costco deals just dropped, lets go shopping!

Thrive Market Faves:
Badger sunscreen for kids & adults
ThinkSport & ThinkBaby
Thrive brand mineral sunscreen
Kiki Milk
4th & Heart ghee
Thrive brand unflavored collagen peptides
Native forest organic coconut milk, simple
Bob’s paleo baking flour
Thrive regeneratively grown virgin coconut oil
Thrive brand organic coconut flakes
Thrive sweet potato chips in coconut oil
Thrive keto granola

Garden of Life Vitamin Code raw d3
Mega zinc
Dr bronners peppermint toothpaste
Acure ultra hydrating shampoo
Acure hair conditioner
Weleda almond face lotion
Thrive dishwasher detergent pods(rated one of best on market)

24 Replies to “Costco Deals – Let's Shop!”

  1. Counting the days until my Sam’s club membership ends to get Costco instead. 😂

  2. Could you do a Thrive Market review and show some of the items that you use regularly?

  3. I love watching your videos. You’re a trip to watch. Love your enthusiasm!❤️ It looks like Costco doesn’t carry the same items from state to state. You’re in Florida and I’m in Omaha Nebraska. Some of the items you show aren’t available by me. It’s not your fault but man, it sucks! Keep up the great work.

  4. In todays economy many people are buying what is the cheapest because that’s all they can afford.

  5. I LOVE Bobbie and have been watching since he was in Chicago. That said it bothers me how he opens the freezer door and talks about whatever product. Wasting energy…why?

  6. I been following your videos for 2 years and your gorgeous baby. I realky learn a lot and I purchase products from Costco have a store near where I reside.
    Thank you for the tipo. Only thing is that I am Vegan many problems with whole wheat, Gluten, dairy products can't consumer anything with it. Maybe can you do a video for other people like me. I am diabetiic type 2 very careful whst I eat . No carbs thank you

  7. Bobby, the trick for the razor burn is to shave with butter like Kramer.

  8. Bobby I shave with soap and haven't had any skin irritations since and that been over 20 years.

  9. Can you make a video addressing people who say that you spread misinformation and lies!! I showed people your videos regarding sugar and the always respond with” you’re body threats all sugar the same”.

  10. Whet tø Trader Joe’s yesterday got some great stuff also I see a lot of food from around the world, but don’t see anything under Spain 🇪🇸

  11. I recently found out I have an autoimmune problem I used to work at a Rad Lab years ago and attribute alot of this to working there I'm doing all I can to help myself and doin' ok thanks to sites like these

  12. 7:30 use electronic razors. No more rash after effect. I have a Panasonic and it was a game changer for me.

  13. Madras Lentils are so good! We use it inplace of chili on our hotdogs!

  14. Bobby do you suggest grocery shopping once a week? Or getting things day by day as you need them

  15. That razor bump they got after shaving cream or oil idk remember …. But I know it prevents razor bump ingrown hair etc keep you smooth like a baby bump

  16. As many have stated before, KETO is going to be ruined by these keto bandwagon brands that are not so healthy. The reason that I skip most processed foods regardless of what the package says.

  17. I just downloaded your app! I used it with things I have in the frig! Now I will check out thrive market. Love your cookbook! Blessings to you and your family🙏🏻❤️

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