This Mirror Cabin is Hidden in Plain Sight – Chameleon Tiny House with Beautiful Interior

This cabin is practically invisible! Thanks to its mirrored exterior, it reflects its surroundings and changes with the seasons. The tiny 200-square-foot interior is equally stunning with a minimalist Scandinavian interior design with maple walls and stainless steel accents. Another incredible feature is the “portal” window, which spans the entire width of the cabin and provides a spectacular view from the bed.

This is one of arcana’s beautiful mirrored cabin retreats outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You can follow and find out more about them here:

The cabin was designed by Michael Leckie from Leckie Studio in Vancouver, BC:

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Mat & Danielle




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Music & Song Credits:
All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives.

Editing Credits:
Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

Filming Credits:
Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

Photos provided by arcana:
– Winter photos by Mike Palmer
– Fall photos by doublespace photography

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19 Replies to “This Mirror Cabin is Hidden in Plain Sight – Chameleon Tiny House with Beautiful Interior”

  1. Thanks for watching! You can follow and find out more about arcana here:

    Shout out to Mike Palmer and doublespace photography for the beautiful seasonal photos we were able to include in the video! You can follow them both here:

    Mirror Cabin design by Michael Leckie from Leckie Studio:

  2. Im guessing the birds also explored alternatives…. alternative dimensions!

  3. That would be a dream come true in my life I've always wanted to go live in the woods like that it's beautiful my prayer is that God will bless me Amen

  4. It's just a plain old box .. and actually not that attractive… I'd rather have a visible natural cabin that actually added something beautiful to the surrounding area…

  5. Just watched a short clip of what a bear would do if they came across a mirror in the woods. Hope there are none around there or that cabin will be destroyed lol

  6. What is with some of the younger generation and the way they speak? Normally we don’t end almost ever sentence as though it were a question.

  7. Very cool cabin, but…

    "Come out to nature, then blindfold yourself and listen to this recording." Like… what???? That defeats the whole purpose?

  8. Meh, withholding judgement until people say they've experienced and enjoyed it. The interior and exterior are very industrial and not comfy. The storage under the bed looks impractical; wouldn't store a single thing.

  9. What if your minding your own business dogging and all of a sudden someone walks out of there house 🙁

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