Creating a serene RETREAT I BEDROOM Makeover, Balcony CATIO and Closet TRANSFORMATION

In this video I share creating a serene retreat, my bedroom makeover, balcony catio and closet transformation. Sign up to Milanote for free with no time-limit:

I get so many questions about the things in my apartment and what I like and wear so I’ve collected links for many of them below.

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18 Replies to “Creating a serene RETREAT I BEDROOM Makeover, Balcony CATIO and Closet TRANSFORMATION”

  1. Your balcony looks fantastic. Glad you put up the netting for Bonus ????‍⬛. It’s tedious to caulk between the flooring and bottom of the baseboard but the finished result looks so nice. Love the headboard you created. Great idea to make a washable cover for it.

  2. Love all the changes and your creativity! You always inspire me to do some little project around my house.

  3. Cats and humans making beds. They seem to have a built-in radar for knowing when the bed is freshly made.

  4. I love how you made the headboard and what you did with the catio. I like that Bonus wants to help a lot. ????

  5. The catio turned out so nicely! Really liked the table / shelf you made. Mounting it to the balcony rails was a good idea!
    Happy Tuesday Benita!

  6. Benita you are very handy ,which is great in your new apartment with several projects. It all turned out fantastic. Thanks for the video.

  7. Doesn’t matter where your cat is, whenever you start making your bed, the cat will appear!! ????????‍⬛xx

  8. Bravissima Benita!! Love all your DIY in the bedroom and in the catio. You have really good taste for interior design

  9. Love this! You have been inspiring me to update my living space! Love your style ????

  10. Love all the work you do and the bedroom and balcony looks great, you know I´m maximalist but the way you organize the closets is impressive

  11. It amazes me how such a small balcony can accommodate so much, so comfortably. Well done!

  12. I really enjoy seeing how it's all starting to come together (you have a knack for dealing with the challenging bits!). Those brass patio door handles are gorgeous… what a find!

  13. I liked to see how you created a headbord for your bed. Just what i think about for some weeks…. Thank you! You are so incredibly handy to do your DIYs!!! Admire you. I would put a protection on the balcony for more intimacy if it is allowed in the building… Much love from South of France to you and your adorable chat.

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