Proof Grand Seiko Is Better Than Rolex #shorts

Proof Grand Seiko Is Better Than Rolex

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24 Replies to “Proof Grand Seiko Is Better Than Rolex #shorts”

  1. I feel like I've seen behind the curtain of Wizard of Oz…????????????

  2. My guy legit looks like Dr. Strange with his obsession with watches in his free time

  3. I want to see a center chronograph with a springdrive center tourbillon from grand seiko. They have the facilities to realize it

  4. Ahh.. atlast the face behind that voice!! This was better than rolexes and Seikos!!

  5. That is why Rolex is on top, we keep comparing everyone else to them; matter the opinion, we are their best promotions.

  6. when will people learn in the Watch World It isn’t about what’s the most accurate and what’s the best engineered it is all about what is the social signal it sends how big of a flex is your watch nothing else matters.

  7. I expected a white haired, well dressed, perfectly groomed man behind the voice. I could not have been more wrong

  8. Who needs a 350 000$ grand seiko tourbillon to be acurate when a quartz shitter from a box of cereals will be more acurate and legible

  9. Seiko is a great brand. I love Seiko. But two kinds of people insist the Grand Seiko is better than Rolex: those who can't afford Rolex but still want Rolex cred, and those who have some kind of agreement with Seiko. Those who just enjoy the GS brand and products buy them and enjoy them without feeling the need to boast about superiority. I also like Tissot, Hamilton and some Bulova, but I'd never go on insisting that they are superior. They're just nice watches. I don't need to justify it by comparing them to Patek or Rolex.

  10. Rolex is too busy trying to come up with the next marketing gimmick. It doesn't have time to work on their watches.

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