Criss Angel's Impossible Card Trick Revealed

Hello Everyone! Today we are going to perform and reveal an impossible criss angel card Trick. This Card Trick is extremely practical and easy to perform. If you enjoyed this video please subscribe!

29 Replies to “Criss Angel's Impossible Card Trick Revealed”

    I already knew this trick but this is the only video I think that explained it well.

  2. This trick amazed me since I watched him about 6 years ago, now I plan on practicing this for ages and perfect it, such a cool effect. Awesome channel

  3. hey card shuffler. just wanted to know if the giveaway is everybody automatically entered. or do i have to do something to enter

  4. motivation for leaving a card on top of the odd card (blue? And then placing it on top?

  5. I preform this trick in a different way.(that is a lot better, but this one was ok)

  6. This is one of the best card tricks i've ever seen plus it's really easy to do btw ur awsome guys keep it up love u #nohomo

  7. I got an awesome criss angel trick to reveal for you guys it's called a camera trick and buying people

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