Crochet Ear Warmer headband 22"-23" tutorial

Crochet Ear warmer headband adult 22″-23″. tutorial. Double knit or # 3 yarn and 5.00mm crochet hook.

U.S. – French FRANCAIS
Chain (ch) – maille en l’air (ml) /maille chaînette – mch
single crochet (sc) – maille serree (ms)
back loops – boucles arrière
turn your work – tourne ton travail
hdc 2 tog – demi – br 2 (deux ensemble)
half double crochet (hdc) – demi-bride (demi-br)
double crochet (dc) – bride (br)
triple crochet (tr/trc) – double bride (d-br)
slip stitch (sl st) – maille coulee (mc)
front post (FP) – double bride en relief avant
back post (BP) – double bride en relief arriere

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  1. how many rows for the band that goes around the seam? three rows of puff stitches and four each with out on the top and bottom?

  2. Thank you. Very easy to understand. Good teaching. I made one for myself. 🌸

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