How To Fix A Sunken Sidewalk With Spray Foam

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Great Stuff Big Gap Filler

It might come as a surprise but you can actually use a standard can of Great Stuff spray foam to support a sidewalk that has settled over the years. This can be a quick fix if replacing this section of sidewalk with new concrete isn’t in your plans/budget.

Supplies Used
Nylon Cup Brush (For Drill):
Tremco Vulkem 45 SSL:
IRWIN 6″ C Clamp:
3/4″ Backer Rod (20′):
5/8″ Backer Rod (20′):
12 ton bottle jack:

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Drilling Holes For Spray Foam
1:21 Lifting The Sidewalk
3:14 Filling In Void With Spray Foam
4:38 Cleaning And Sealing Concrete Section

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11 Replies to “How To Fix A Sunken Sidewalk With Spray Foam”

  1. I have a very similar situation however in my case the sidewalk buts up against the house so I can’t put the c clamps on that side. What would you recommend there? Thanks

  2. Being completely ignorant on repairing sidewalk issues, I would have just poured more concrete on top of the old sinking concrete slab, and level it to the adjoining slab… But, that's just my thought process.

  3. It looks great but I worry about the longevity. I wonder if just pouring a new section might be more worth the effort. Enjoyed the content anyway.

  4. The companies that do this with the same foam process charge big $$$$$… great video!

  5. If you don't have the equipment already it would be cheaper to pour a new slab

  6. Seems to me that professionals who do this for a living use a grout like material for a permanent solution. Not the foam. Although I imagine your technique is a huge money saver. Am I correct here?

  7. This must be how the "pros" do it. I have a small section and I called for a bid, but if course, mine is a "small job" and under their minimum. So if I want them to do it, they will charge their minimum .. about 1 grand.

    Question:. Where can a guy buy those BIG industrial sized cans of spray foam? I have some walls I'd like to fill as well for insulation purposes too, but bit Ng these tiny ass cans if foam at $8 a pop can't possibly be cost effective. I'd rather not remove all the rock and out in batts…

  8. What is the exact name of the “great stuff big gap filler”, can you show a close up picture of the spray can?
    Home Depot has 24 OZ can not 20 OZ, I was wondering if it’s the same product.

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