Custom vs. Retail Front Quarters of Cow: A Comparison by The Bearded Butchers

In todays video we’ll be showing you the difference between “Custom” VS “Retail” cutting styles and teach you what to expect when ordering a 1/4 of beef from your butcher VS going into a retail store and picking the cuts out yourself!

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27 Replies to “Custom vs. Retail Front Quarters of Cow: A Comparison by The Bearded Butchers”

  1. Never seizes to amaze me on your episodes! ???????? educational and entertainment!!

  2. Excellent video. I do hope y'all will show cutting out the glands someday.

  3. You guys are Fantastic, I have learned so much from your videos. keep up the great work!

  4. I walked into my local Rural King in Decatur, Indiana this morning and saw The Bearded Butcher seasonings. I drove hours to the store and have ordered online in the past. Today however……..made my day. I've been sub'd since it was thousands. I've loved the journey.

  5. Well done! Always enjoy watching your videos. Is there a possibility of having a video like this comparing a hind quarter?

  6. Great work. Would love to see a hind section, and pork if there is this much difference.

  7. watching you guys i feel like i could prob break down a part of a cow on my own if i had to but without the machinery and work space it would be hella hard

  8. You may refer to being a little OCD, I call it pride in your skill and work. Thank you for your amazing content and clear explanations. It is appreciated.

  9. Fascinating to me as a cook. We don’t bring quarter hinds, but we do primordials to reduce costs. We order in skirt steak, brisket and baseball cuts when asked. We’ve not used shoulder cuts which are often reclassified as chuck. I personally purchase whole beef items. Tenderloin, strip loin and ribeye. Don’t need to pay for the premium wrapped goods.

  10. Do you happen to sell trial size of all your spices to allow customers to see which they like/don't like without having to purchase the large shakers?

  11. I’m wondering if you guys would be willing to do an episode about broiling steaks. Now obviously this isn’t ideal but some people don’t have the means as far as to be able to grill very often if at all. Thanks! Love your videos

  12. Love the video! Just curious, what is a Ranch Steak? Or is there another name for a Ranch steak?

  13. So, do ribeye steaks come from cutting the prime rib into steaks? Obviously before cooking.

    Thanks, 6.4.

  14. I'm not going to go to a butcher where I can't ask for a custom cut to actually be a custom cut. If I bring an animal in would I get that animal back or just some animal?

  15. Thanks for the education! One of the packer cut primals we get is the 'whole chuck' – which appears to be the chuck roll. Mostly we cut it into 2 to 3 pound roasts, but it looks as if there are some other ways to cut it for more interesting steaks or roasts. Suggestions?

  16. Never would I ever need most of this information, but it’s so damn entertaining to see an expert talking and explaining his passion. ????

  17. Was once told the amount of blue lake dye in a single M&M would make about 30 usda stamps ???????? so probably nothing to worry about unless that’s your thing

  18. Great video but that watch on your left wrist shouldn’t be on while you’re cutting meat

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