Deadlift With Proper Form : Basic Steps

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How to Deadlift with correct technique. The weight used in this video is 405 lbs, to show good form using actual heavy weight. These simple instructions show you show you how to use perfect form and most importantly, be safe. Excellent form will greatly reduce the risk of injury when lifting. Almost every athlete ( football, basketball, sprinter, ect) can benefit in some way from deadlifting, however most athletes use form that puts them at risk of herniating their back. That should never be a serious risk, and won’t be if you follow these simple steps.

24 Replies to “Deadlift With Proper Form : Basic Steps”

  1. This guys form looks bad to me. To much stress on lower back. Your knees should be bent more at the start of the lift IMO

  2. 0:44 Candito's a gentleman, shimmying to the right with (what looks to be) 405 lbs in his hands to let the woman walk by.

  3. someone should tell the lady that sandals , or any opened toed shoe at the gym is a trip to the ER waiting to happen
    great video , thanks!

  4. The best I ever did was 380 and now I'm kinda jumping around 340-350. Been stuck around that weight for years. I get up to around 330x5ish then the next time I go to deadlift I can barely pull 300×1. Makes no sense.

  5. I currently need some advice on my own Deadlift.

    I've posted a video, where you see me deadlifting from the side.

    Am I already butt winking or is my back still considered straight?
    Thank you

  6. Outstanding vid. So many of these kinds of videos have way too much talk and not enough of an example of what to do properly. This was perfect and the graphics were excellent….

  7. DON'T DO THAT GRIP!!! You will suffer a biceps rip, because it's more risky doing the underhand grip, put both hands over the bar, your palms looking to your shinbones.

  8. One year ago I snapped my lower back doing dead lifts. I was just starting out and was 3 weeks into ripppetoe. didnt use any belts. But I did overexaggerate the hip trusts. Could that be it? my back is still fucked up. No money to see a chiropractor nor fysiotherapist but am working on it! cant wait to deadlift again. Proper form with belt this time!

  9. That side stepping with weights in his hand could have easily injured his spine. Dayum, I know he was being nice but I wouldn't have done that knowing how risky that is.

  10. Thanks Candito! i started getting into powerlifting, researched a lot of clinical studies on how it helps with the CNS. I was diagnosed with FSHD muscular dystrophy and i am on a journey trying to find exercises beneficial to stop the progression of muscle loss. My doctors told me i was suppose to be in a wheel chair at 16, i am 25 and still mobile and active, given that i live a active lifestyle. But yeah i appreciate your videos and i thank you for passing on this knowledge!

    John from Toronto, Ontario

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