In this episode we’ll be taking you with us on a team visit to the John Cullen Interior and Architectural Lighting Design Showroom in London, where we attended one of their Masterclasses and got the chance to ask resident Lighting Design Expert and Author Sally Storey questions & queries submitted by our audience.

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  1. Excellent topic & very timely! Thank you!! We are having quite a bit of work done to our home, and wanted to add some lighting redesign to the rooms we are updating. I had my partner watch this video with me and this helped him visualize what I was trying to explain to him. Again, thank you!!!!!

  2. Love your channel and you can’t imagine how much I’ve learnt about interior design from just watching your videos.
    My question about lighting design for the living room in particular….how does one know where to position lights like down lights and spotlights on the ceiling before the layout of furniture/decor is finalised? I would have loved spotlights highlighting my coffee table and a few side tables but unfortunately the layout was determined after the Reno was completed.
    Thank you ???

  3. Great video! Thank you so much. I have 5 lamps in my bedroom and I thought that was maybe too much but Anthony has 8 in one room! Can you have a picture with a picture light and 2 sconces on either side of the picture?

  4. Yes thank you really helpful info, onnall aspects of lighting, gr8t to see the John Cullen designers, look forward to seeing the lighting book, ???✨???

  5. Very helpful and informative session, lighting is so important and can transform a room. Especially liked the tip about lighting corridors and hidden lighting. Quite fixated about lamps and how many I can squeeze in without over powering a space. There are no barriers we all need lighting its elevating to the next level to enrich our homes.

  6. I love learning about this. I’m currently training to be an electrician, but I’d like to do lighting design on the side possibly. I feel like the two trades will compliment each other nicely.

  7. I loved the chat with Anthony so much. Really helpful tips and advice from him especially how to apply lighting in your home if you’re on a budget. Your conversation together was so warm and engaging, it really is a testament to you Sophie as a boss that your employees love and respect you and how far you’ve come as a presenter because I know at the start you would always say you’re nervous but now you’ve become a natural at this. A woman of many talents! You should be proud of how much you’ve accomplished ?

  8. I love your design tips. I'm a real fan of chinoiserie. It would be great if you did an episode with your team on how you choose chinoiserie for a project e.g. colors, textures and how the chinoiserie flows with your furniture.

  9. So glad to have a place to debate these kind of questions! I agree with both Sophie and Anthony about the shower niche. I think that an LED strip is good for a long niche and a spot light is great for a smaller niche. And kudos to Anthony for debating his boss with such grace. Also speaks to the great culture in Sophie’s team!

  10. As always a super nice, warm and informative video. Thank you Sophie and your wonderful team!

  11. Fantastic video! I love lighting and believe it is an absolute in every room! Just bought Sally’s book!!

  12. This was such an informative vlog on a hot topic that is very often overlooked, packed with insider tips , your Q&A with John Cullens Creative Director Sally Storey was amazing, it would be brilliant Sophie to see you put Q&A to more leading industry experts in their fields in future episodes. Anthony is a natural in front of the camera more cameos please from him ??

  13. So many good tips shared here. I’ve kind of also become a lighting geek since I started watching your videos and I will definitely bear these advice in mind for my future home!

  14. WOW, I never thought about lighting like how you presented it to us today in this video. Thank you!

  15. Oh my goodness! Brilliant! Like a movie set and a dream all at once. My brain is on fire with ideas. Love it!

  16. Hi there – what kind of free standing light is at the base of Anthony's fireplaces?

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