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Join Zaynab Issa in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she prepares her Gingery Chicken Noodle Soup recipe. Taking inspiration from Zaynab’s favorite instant noodles, Maggi masala noodles, this chicken noodle soup gets a heavy hand of aromatic curry powder and ginger for depth. The spice blend, along with a few alliums, provide tons of flavor while keeping things speedy, especially if you’re working with a prepared stock.

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Director/Producer: Mel Ibarra
Director of Photography: Eric Brouse
Editor: Rob Malone
Talent: Zaynab Issa
Director of Culinary Production: Kelly Janke
Culinary Producer: Mallary Santucci
Culinary Associate Producer: Katrina Zito
Culinary Researcher and Recipe Editor: Vivian Jao
Line Producer: Jen McGinity
Associate Producer: Oadhan Lynch
Production Manager: Janine Dispensa
Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Hymes
Camera Operator: Corey Eisenstien
Audio: Mike Guggino
Production Assistant: Jamal Abdinasir Mohamed
Post Production Supervisor: Andrea Farr
Post Production Coordinator: Scout Alter
Supervising Editor: Eduardo Araújo
Assistant Editor: Billy Ward

0:00 Gingery Chicken Noodle Soup
0:38 Prep ingredients
0:40 Season chicken thighs with salt
1:03 Cut scallions
1:11 Slice garlic
1:22 Slice ginger
1:45 Slice carrots
2:16 Cut lime
2:25 Make soup
2:30 Heat oil over medium heat
2:37 Add scallion batons, ginger, garlic, and salt and sauté for 4–6 minutes
3:06 Add curry powder and black pepper
3:26 Add black pepper
3:30 Add broth and water and bring to a boil
3:48 Add chicken thighs and simmer until cooked through, 18–22 minutes
4:11 Remove chicken from broth
4:29 Add carrots and cook 3–4 minutes
4:36 Add noodles and scallion batons and cook until just tender
5:23 Finish soup
5:26 Shred chicken
5:54 Squeeze lime juice into broth
6:11 Plate, top with black pepper, and serve with lime wedge
6:44 Taste!

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14 Replies to “Zaynab Makes Gingery Chicken Noodle Soup | From The Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit”

  1. If youre not buying organic ginger without any treatment you should peel your ginger

  2. No one will every convince that literally 7 “pinches” (aka handfuls) of salt is necessary for a bowl of soup. Having too much sodium is not chill

  3. seeing her not peel the carrots/ginger made me feel very validated – v – thanks zaynab~

  4. I love that I have just been given permission to skip peeling ginger. Best thing that's happened to me in 2023, and possibly also 2022.

  5. I love anything zaynab makes. Her recipes are usually so simple but super flavorful and pleasant.

  6. I would like the video more if she didn’t talk like Kylie Jenner with the up talk.

  7. Easy, relatively inexpensive, and looking incredibly delicious! I’m all in!!

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