Digging OverKill Grade Beams for NO SHIFTING

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14 Replies to “Digging OverKill Grade Beams for NO SHIFTING”

  1. The electronic gizmo on the side of your head may be dangerous. There is evidence that radio waves concentrated too strongly can cause cancer. Like Senators Ted Kennedy and John McCain got fatal brain cancers on the sides of their head where they spent untold hours holding cell phones.

  2. Put some plywood down then re hand tamp the corner with the special fill then remove the plywood, you can save the cost of concrete but alot of work

  3. You should be letting your dad use the excavator man. You got your dad in the trenches for reals. You’re a lot younger. Just saying.

  4. Hey guys great content, watching them with the my two year old son and he loves it!! One suggestion, put up a camera on the edge of the old house and capture the entire build! It would be wicked to see a time lapse video of the whole project:)

  5. First time I’ve ever heard anyone actually cuss on the channel! Reminds me how good your manners are. Just wanted to give poor Jordan a hug, there’s nothing worse than doing something like that for the first time and everyone just watching (in silent approval) while you don’t know what’s actually going on under the machine! Now it sounds like family working! ???? I work with mine and there’s usually a few blue streaks in the air, from multiple people, and often at the same time!

  6. Hey …you didn't tell me to use a shovel to clean up around that like button and smash the thing!

  7. Now I saw another YouTuber, drop the digging part, on the other side of the trench push down on it, causing the front of the skidsteer(?) to rise up and he drove over the trench with the front up in the air.. once the front of the skidsteer swas hovering over the other side of the trench, he slowly let the 'digger bucket' stop pushing down, which brought the front of the skidsteer touch down in place. He actually went on an angle, but that is a story for someone else to explain.. hahaha. anyway.. yeah.. keep the weighted back on the ground and use the digger to lift the front while you roll over to the other side of the trench.. You totally understand all this, girl explanation attempt, right!? omg lol

  8. Some better ways to get over the trench
    Use some scrap pieces of 2 by 12 or pieces of plywood to span the gap to give some extra protection to the edge of the trench
    Put the bucket on the far side of the trench and push your bucket down and your track up and drive at an angle. Once you are over halfway past, put the blade all the way down so your tracks are hanging in the air. Then lift the bucket are spin around and push up on the other side and keep driving. This way your tracks don't come within two feet of the edge of the trench if you are crossing over.

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