Surprising My Friend With A Bespoke Suit! | Davidoff of London & Henry Poole!

Today, we surprise Eddie with his first BESPOKE SUIT! He has no idea what’s in store as we take a walk down Savile Row to visit Simon Cundey at Henry Poole to view some of his Winston Churchill memorabilia.

On a previous visit to London, Eddie asked me that if he were ever to begin his journey to getting a bespoke suit made, that I would accompany him. I spoke with my good friend Simon and we decided to go one better and surprise him with his very first bespoke suit!

Simon is the managing director and 7th generation owner of Henry Poole & Co, who were the very first tailors on Savile Row! Their bespoke clothing is actually referred to as ‘Pure Bespoke’, because every part of the creation of the suit is done right there on site in Savile Row. Nothing goes to any other facility or workshop.

So join me as we surprise Eddie with this adventure and see him take his first steps into the wonderful work of bespoke!

For more information on Henry Poole:

For more information on Davidoff of London, please visit their website.

Fedora: Optimo Hats, Chicago
Suit: Kent Haste
Shirt: Budd Shirtmaker
Tie, Braces, and Socks:
Shoes: Gaziano & Girling

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Surprising My Friend With A Bespoke Suit! | Davidoff of London & Henry Poole!
00:00 Introduction
03:16 Walking down Savile Row
06:12 Inside Henry Poole
07:19 Winston Churchill
17:05 The big reveal!
21:47 Fabrics
40:51 Choice made!
42:04 Styling
53:12 Measurements

Dry cleaning provided by Rave Fabricare:


27 Replies to “Surprising My Friend With A Bespoke Suit! | Davidoff of London & Henry Poole!”

  1. Did Kirby actually say he's paying? ????

    Only joking, a very charming video and a lovely sharing of passions. Well done.

  2. I'v watched suit to shoot like 10 times, I'v seen nothing like it on youtube….top notch

  3. You must now have Simon Cundey come to Davidoff's and be guided for a curated cigar experience under Eddie's incomparable wisdom and hospitality. That would be such a fun follow-up episode that could be done in the meantime! Hats off Kirby, all around.

  4. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.✅????????

  5. New drinking game, every time Kirby says ‘accoutrements’ you must commission a full bespoke suite from the row.

  6. Of all the videos you have done over the years this is by far my favorite. Eddie has given you so much and now you return the favor. Cheers to you Kirby.

  7. These gentlemen look like kids in a candy shop, so happy to them enjoying themselves. ????

  8. With everything going on in the world, this video gave me a glimmer of hope. Friendship, camaraderie and kindness.

  9. Hats off to you Kirby , what a wonderful gesture to do to a very good friend. Eddie is loving it , to be in good hands from a great tailor ????❤

  10. What a great adventure to see and to be honest…Eddie is just a genuine human being

  11. Eddie’s surprise was almost as big as my Tailors’s- when I skipped town before paying!

  12. I feel like Eddie should be the new “Most Interesting Man in the World”. I could listen to him speak on miscellaneous topics all day.

  13. What a nice supprise and love the compassion, complexity of gradititude and friendship between everyone! Fantastic video and wonderfully edited. Thank you Kirby, for another masterful presention.

  14. What a special episode. Can't wait till Kirby takes Nathaniel for his first suit… Eddie is such a gracious gentleman and a credit to his regal father, it is a pleasure to see this. Thank you Simon, hope to visit you someday…. Thanks Kirby and his amazing wife .

  15. What a good friend you are Mr. Allison. Such a kind gesture. I hope you really are like that behind the camera.

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