Discounting is for dummies – here's why (and what to do instead)

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If you’re looking for a huge spike in sales for your business, then I’ve got some news for you — running a sale or discounting your products and services is NOT the right answer. In this video, I explain how discounting can result in long term damage to your business. I also show you what you can do instead to spike sales today and reap the benefits for the long term. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this priceless information.

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14 Replies to “Discounting is for dummies – here's why (and what to do instead)”

  1. Can't believe this was back in 2013, it's even more relevant today. Online courses and other services are so discount crazy. People advertising some high ticket course at a "1,997 value" for $9. Now to me it's only worth $9, and in no way worth almost 2k. It's also at the point where I don't buy things the first time because I know if I leave, they'll retarget me with a huge discount. Couple hundred dollar courses and within a day of me not buying they're offering it for 30% off, then 50% off. It really just devalues it in my mind.

  2. I was skiptical about this video at first, but he s making great point, that's why you don't see any big long term brand doing any kinda of discount.

  3. I get a lot of cheap asses complaining about my prices. I usually just try to ignore their grumbles. Except one time I snapped, and insulted a customer by calling him a culturally insensitive name. I still giggle to myself sometimes whenever I think about it. He still shops with me, lack of options on his part, but he doesn't bicker with me about prices anymore. ; ) I wouldn't recommend this strategy though. I just got lucky, and it worked out for me.

  4. I really would like to know if this can be translated to big-ticket retail items like car sales.

  5. This is why discounts prosper. Because of persons like you, who overpricing because they……..want too. By the way, are you still in business?

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