Ditching Social Media


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24 Replies to “Ditching Social Media”

  1. Yesterday was May 30, 2020 be safe be well. That was my 23rd day of 60 day challenge and for that day I began to PLAN how to cull my email files. (I already cull to zero my phone messages!) Thanks for all your videos. This is my second time around! with your videos so I can only do a THUMBS UP once and that was a year ago or more! with joy to know you in cyberspace.

  2. I have to have my phone with me at all times. I know that sounds bad, but my phone is the only way that i can check my sugar/blood glucose.

  3. The 2 types of people I consistently unfollow are: 1. People who get militant about a cause. If you can't have a polite conversation and disagree, I don't need you in my life. 2. People who are Eeyores. If your life is always full of misery and you never have anything happy to say, your focus needs adjusting. Especially when I known I spent hours talking to and supporting that person. Bye bye and good luck Grumpy.

  4. this is my 15th day with you (and, actually, another (I"ve done about 3 sets now!) 66 days needed to establish a new habit). Each week I confirm my idea to become more of a minimalist. It is a slow process for me somehow yet it IS HAPPENING and I'm happy to say your Minimalist-type SHORT (5 min or so!) videos have helped immensely. I guess after 66 plus 66 etc … I'm FINALLY GETTING THE POINT of what my "new lifestyle" is all about. SEE YOU TOMORROW!

  5. These days the only social media I really use with any regularity is IG. I've still got accounts on FB, Tumbler, and Twitter, and I'll ocasionally post to twitter, usually links to articles, and occasionally log on to FB to look something up, but I mostly use it for the messenger. I've got a couple Tumblr blogs I read, but I usually navigate directly to them instead of reading my feed.

  6. ive started writing down phone numbers and emails and i type them in if im going to call someone or text them. yes i have the contact saved in my phone and everything but it honestly feels more personal and mindful to spend the time doing it. its dumb but i like it.

  7. I thought you ditched social media? I think you need to change your title into social media detox, because it is misleading! I deleted my fb and twitter accounts! Thats what I call ditching…..anyway.

  8. Cull phone
    – contacts
    – messages
    – inbox zero

    – old photos
    – old friends etc
    – groups
    – following pages

  9. I disconnected permanently from FB, Pinterest, Popclogs, etc. I'll get rid of spark people and a couple of other sites. I don't want to waste time on all that, and I don't miss it.

  10. Ditching Facebook was the best decision I have ever done in my life!!! It's like I did myself a great service to my soul!!

  11. Something that worked really well for me was to have a flip phone and a tablet. The reason is you can't use the phone to check social media (at least not easily..) and you can only use the tablet for that if you're around Wi-Fi. So any time you're not near Wi-Fi is an opportunity to get shit done, distraction free!

  12. Taking Facebook (not messenger – I use that to contact my family) off my phone and turning off notifications for my other social medias has been an absolute blessing!

  13. I decided about a year ago that every Sunday would ba a complete technology break. I can only use it if my phone rings or I am reading a book on Kindle or Nook, both apps are on my phone. I put an app on my computer that blocks all social media on Sunday. Period. At first I thought it was awesome, which lasted a few weeks. Then the novelty wore off and I was panicked! LOL That lasted about a month. (One time I even stayed up well after midnight to catch up because after midnight it wasn't Sunday anymore. 😎) Now, I don't have nearly the attachment to social media I used to have. It's an amazing feeling. I don't even think if myself as having that big of an attachment. I don't even post every day. But I have seen other people that have real issues, and people out to dinner who don't really speak, their faces are in their phones. Worse, as a yoga teacher I see people's postire and necks and hear about their neck pain and headaches. I 'm lucky to have grown up in the 1960s. My first phone number was zephyr 7533, and was on a party line. There was no FM radio and computers were in big rooms and used punch cards. I know what life was like before, and some of it really sucked! But I wonder if younger people feel like they have to reinvent a wheel when they go offline? I guess that could be good or bad.

    Anyway, great video! Thanks for all you do. I enjoy your channel. ☮

  14. This was really inspiring Rachel, thank you! When this video started, I was about to hit "skip" because I'm really not on social media that much. However, you gave some really solid advice on all aspects of technology and minimizing our digital worlds…so thank you!!! Can't wait to start this next phase of my minimalist journey!

  15. This is a fantastic video, especially for people of this generation (me!) It's so nice knowing that I'm not alone in doing this.

  16. For anyone who, like me, is just coming to this now? I have an app called Moment that has been really valuable to reducing how much time I spend on my phone and social media in general. I don't know if it's available on Android but get the pro version for iOS. It does require a daily screenshot and access to GPS but it shows you some really useful, visualized information about how you use your phone

  17. It's been almost a month since I logged onto fb. I'm enjoying it. It sucks a little though when you're with people are on fb and you're the one sitting there waiting for them to get off their phones lol

  18. I do SM detox all the time. The first time I noticed how distracting it was was when I turned off my phone. I did it when I started college to save some money but I got so much stuff done. After that I was mindful of the time I spend on SM so if I ever feel overwhelmed I walk away from SM and my phone.

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