OPI's Black Shatter Nail Tutorial

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Hey everyone! This is a nail tutorial/review of OPI’s new Black Shatter Polish from the Katy Perry Collection. I am in love with it! I’m so unique and there are so many color combinations you can put under it! I love it! For those wondering, I found this item at my local JCPenney Salon. I paid $8.50 for it. Enjoy : )

Here are the items I used:
OPI Nail Envy Basecoat
China Glaze Towel Boy Toy
Sinful Colors Dream On
Zoya Ali
Zoya Pippa
China Glaze Neon Green
OPI Black Shatter
Seche Vite Topcoat

Disclaimer: All products used in this video were purchased by me with my own money. I did not purchase the Zoya polishes because I won them in a contest. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned nor am I getting paid to use the products. All opinions are 100% my own.

Music provided by: Positively Dark, “Equinox” (http://www.positivelydark.com)

15 Replies to “OPI's Black Shatter Nail Tutorial”

  1. This video is giving me some serious nostalgia. I wish you still made videos. 💜

  2. No matter how hard I try, cannot get my OPI shatter paints to look like that. I don't know what I am doing wrong….

  3. I'm glad I watched this because I've bought several bottles in different colours, but I just tried it tonight and was disappointed – it just looks like I've put my nail polish on badly.  I think I must've put it on too thick – will try again!

  4. What a rude nasty bitch you are! Does this girl give a fuck about what you think and your bitching? No. The design came out great in the end so who cares if she overlapped. If you are so perfect where are your nail polish videos on how 'greaattt' you are? I guess your parents never taught you manners you rude little girl.

  5. Very pretty. Great idea to use different colors on each finger. I will try this soon.

  6. You did a great job! I notice you went over your nails more than once. I think this works far better than just doing one thin coat as they say on the bottle. Nicely done!

  7. Nice idea on colouring each nail a different colour and then putting Crackle/Splatter over them. Your skin round your finger tips look very dry and flaky maybe you should use some handcream to repair them. xx

  8. nicely filmed. i'm just wondering why opi's gold shade doesnt shatter as well? or am i doing something wrong? i know that its best to keep them in the fridge 🙂

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