I bought an airstream trailer to renovate and this is episode 2 of the series! This makeover has been a ton of fun, and it’ll be all finished in episode 3.

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Trailer is a 1984 Avion by Fleetwood.

Cabinet Handles:
Heater Vent Cover:
Backsplash Wallpaper:
Bedroom Wallpaper:
Marble Vinyl:
RV Light 12v:
RV Double Light:
Panel Light 1:
Panel Light 2 (big):
Globe Sconce:
Green Sconce:
12v Bulb:
Small 12v Bulb:
Bathroom Vanity Lights:
Straight Edge / Square:
Utility Knife:

Thanks for watching!!
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Thanks for watching!
-Mike Montgomery

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  1. I think the negative commenters are missing the point. This is clearly meant to be a quick and dirty renovation just to serve as housing during the main renovation. With that purpose in mind, he nailed it.

  2. It's a temporary trailer home people. He needs to get to work on the investment property, not make the trailer Instagram ready.

  3. Too rushed with the counter tops especially, vinyl, what? But so far you've changed out a lot which was an improvement, like the lights. Is the sink color the same as the stove top? Didn't look like it, not sure about two colors in close proximity of each other. Let's see what #3 changes so I'm done now <grin>.

  4. I know you are getting a lot of hat on this one. Overall, the camper looks 100x better. However, you did rush this project a bit. These videos can get as many views as a house reno video, so I can see peoples disappointment. I still enjoyed the video. Constructive critique is always good. Hope you find it that way.

  5. I think these comments forget why he's making this airstream He's going to live in it to do his renovations and if you've been watching how he lives this looks exactly how he would do it….??‍♂️ Y'all just want to be rude and none of y'all actually never did any renovations before ?

  6. Sloppy stuff. This won't hold up. Think about needing to use the bathroom at night, you don't want blueish lights in there. Just spend some actual money and put some upgraded fixtures with the same warm lights. Honestly this build is just pretty rushed and you can tell it's a flip but a pretty half a$$ed attempt at one.

  7. Jeeeezzz, the armchair judges are really coming for you on this one.

    I think you did a great job for a trailer. I don’t think trailers are ever gonna be as nice or as “super-pro” as more solid, stationary builds.

    As far as the pieces together wallpaper; unless you’re looking closely, you can’t tell. Plus you would have to have so much waste in order to line up the patterns. Peel and stick isn’t cheap, and if there’s no reason to, no need to buy a bunch of extra just to line it up for internet trolls.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. I feel like you need a positive comment haha, did people not hear that your epoxy shipment was delayed?? ? people cover their counters all the time in their own real kitchens, I’m sure it will be fine in an RV and easy to replace down the line if it’s not. It’s looking great! I think people aren’t understanding that you’re about to put a ton of time, energy and money into your flip and this just needs to be a quick, inexpensive upgrade to make it more comfortable to live in. It’s a great test subject for trying new things and to see what time-saving hacks are worth it or not! You obviously have the skill set to rip everything out and create something amazing and super custom, but that’s not the purpose of this airstream right now – people need to chill ?

  9. Peel and stick counter tops?!!! LOL! That's a big NO for me. I get you couldn't get your preferred epoxy materials, but I would have waited. Peel and stick on countertops in a kitchen will last about as long as a high schooler's virginity pledge. I think you mis-dialed 1-800-SUPERPRO!

  10. Man, I don’t think these people understand you’re on a budget and a time crunch. I think this looks great for probably a few days flip with maybe $1000 investment. You just needed somewhere to stay that’s tolerable so you can start on the house. I like what you’ve done and no sense in wasting time and money on something that you’ll probably redo after the house. Nice job!! Stoked for episode 3!

  11. I do not want to be a negative, but what gave you done? Wallpapers? At least you could remove the old ones. Cabinets? Old wood is nice, but you put zero effort into improving the cabinets … I could continue all day long.

  12. Mike, I love your work but this is too rushed. The sterile hospital lights, flimsy vinyl counter tops, mismatching wallpaper. This isn’t giving the modern builds energy we’ve all grown to love and support!

    I know this is a quick flip but take more time to plan these designs out, this has a lot of potential but there’s too much sloppy workmanship which we know is definitely not you.

    Let’s see a redemption in episode 3!! ?

  13. not one of your "updates" resemble mid-century modern OR art deco…. it's just cheap shit you're putting in there. what a missed opportunity to do something cool and retro-futuristic with it….

  14. If you use the vinyl material you did for countertops again. A hair dryer or heat gun is your best friend at any edge where round or square! I learned this the hard way. You’ll also find it adheres to the service better with a heat source. I’m glad to see a bigger you tuber try this out. Thanks for doing some of these experiments

  15. I have a friend who is remodeling her Airstream. Big project! The designer sent her Shetch up files. I'm helping her with. The file was drawn in 3d, and I need assistance with shooting interior elevations in a 3d drawing. How do I do this in AutoCAD? I imported the file into AutoCAD.

  16. HOW can you look at those cabinets, vinyl countertops or the wallpaper and actually say that it looks good? That is just horrific craftsmanship. I know this build has been a bunch of work, but it feels like you’re rushing it. Should have just waited for the countertop stuff to come in and took your time on the wallpaper to have it line up with each adjacent piece.

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