The New & “Smaller” Bulova Lunar Pilot 43mm – Comprehensive Review & What To Know Before You Buy

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In this video, I take a detailed look at the new Bulova Lunar Pilot 43mm, a smaller but still large take on Bulova’s famous prototype Moon watch from the early 1970s. If you have a smaller wrist and like this design and heritage, the Lunar Pilot 43mm is an excellent new option from Bulova to consider. What do you guys think of this new watch?

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18 Replies to “The New & “Smaller” Bulova Lunar Pilot 43mm – Comprehensive Review & What To Know Before You Buy”

  1. Hi Teddy, for me a 41 mm diameter and a 47 mm lug to lugs would be perfect. Nice video 😃

  2. This time piece has been on my radar for the longest. I'm now inclined to pull the trigger with the 43 mm. I love the new face dial reminds me of the Snoopy Moonwatch. Great video as always, Teddy!

  3. I LOVE the Lunar Pilot. I happen to have a 7" wrist and the 45 was always too large for my taste. I ended up buying a Dan Henry 1945 to satisfy the Chrono in my collection but this smaller version really has me thinking twice. Might have to cop 🤣 Another great video Teddy keep it up and shout out to the team 😎

  4. In recent history, are there examples of watch makers moving up or down different watch hierarchy? Or are they going to always remain in the same position in the market?

  5. Love the new panda style and this might get me to pull the trigger on one. Big fan of Bulova with the 262khz as I’ve got a couple that are a bit dressier but don’t have a sapphire crystal.

  6. These have definitely caught my interest. I bought a Bulova Octava about a year ago & have no problem buying another.

  7. I’m pretty skinny and I love rocking my OG Luna pilot. Yeah it’s kinda big but with long sleeves it’s perfect, DEFINITELY GETTING THE NEW 43mm BLUE PANDA.
    Thank you sir, much obliged. 👏🏼

  8. Hey Teddy, since i found your channel ive been in love with your content. 3 weeks a go i became a father and named my son Theodore, after you Teddy! Keep up the good work!

  9. I have the larger 50th anniversary edition and I'm seriously considering the snoopy panda. Those colors are phenomenal

  10. I've always like Bulova's and I like the look of these, but they're just too big for my wrists. Hopefully they'll come out with a more reasonable sized case.

  11. I love my normal sized Lunar Pilot (well, wish it was thinner, but I can deal). Only wish they made a non-chrono version of it. smaller, keep the date complication, and make the main second hand sweeping.

  12. 43 and small is so funny to me. Come on Bulova! Average wrist size is supposedly 7in. The people want more 36-40.

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