DIY Concrete Block Lamp // Rachel Aust

I love this as a bed side lamp! Don’t forget to thumbs up if you enjoy the video and I’d love to see if you make one 🙂

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Your Pulse (Little Glass Men) // CC BY 4.0

21 Replies to “DIY Concrete Block Lamp // Rachel Aust”

  1. I'm in 2019, and I just recently found your channel a couple months ago, and like every single tour you have, you mention this lamp, and I finally found how to make it, thanks!

  2. I bought the concrete and will definitely be making my own block lamp. Thank you so much for this!

  3. Great! A quick suggestion too: If you use quick setting cement mix you can remove the mold after less than 24 hours. that way it is sandable and still slightly damp to carve or shape. side note: remember to tap the sides of the mold to shake out bubbles!

  4. I will try this out but i really would like to know how you did your bed 🙂

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