The Knitted Braid

An easy faux braid that ends up looking a lot like a Dutch braid, only it stays in a lot better! All you will need for this style is a few rubber bands (elastics). Enjoy! Make sure to subscribe and leave a comment!

17 Replies to “The Knitted Braid”

  1. Thx for sharing! After a Bad issue i know what it means to have NO hair for doing hairstyles. Now I celebrate my grown hair ( it is not thick or long ) with an every day new hairstyle 😊and with that bread they look much thicker as with the dutch bread ( also pancaked ) there is an 3 d and 3 strand pull trough bread, which is my next (forgot the word 😯

  2. That's very cool. I really like it. Wish I had know about it when I had nerve damage in my hand and couldn't braid, I really missed my braids. 

  3. What would happen if you cut out the rubber bands after it's all done? Would it still stay? 🙂

  4. I♥♥♥♥ it! I definitely going to try it on my daughter tomorrow, I post a pic on instagram Great tutorial

  5. I loved this braid!! Will have to try this soon. Thanks for the great tutorial.

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