#DIY Easy Tote Bag | Tutorial

DIY Easy Tote Bag

This video will show you how to make tote bag.
You can carry around with all your favorite things in pretty tote bags, the possibilities and uses are endless!

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19 Replies to “#DIY Easy Tote Bag | Tutorial”

  1. Lovely tote.The fabric is good too.Clear instructions.
    The best part is, there is NO unnecessary and irritating chatter !!
    Keep posting such videos.
    Many Thanks !!

  2. Maam thanks for the demo. Doneveryprofessionally. But this material does not have any raw edges. How do we cover the raw edges on the wrong side.

  3. Lovely tote bag,easy/ understandable without so much talking,tanx for keeping it simple. What other way can i sew if i dont have serger?

  4. Apne vidio ks sath miyuzic kiyun dete ho dikhne samajhne me problam hoti hai plis vidio me miyuzic na dalen

  5. I love videos where there isn't a lot of chatter! Thank you for this easy tutorial! I can't wait to make some of these!

  6. U showed simple and easy way of cutting and stitching . I loved it,

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