FORWARD KNEE TRAVEL IN THE SQUAT: Optimizing Bar Path For The Lifter (Ft. Jake Noel)




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  1. Apologies for the audio but this is a good one. In this video today we take an advanced lifter with an almost 3x bodyweight squat and Jake works on fixing his knee pain. Through a bunch of assessments he is able to find a better squat pattern for Quentin that greatly reduces his knee pain.

    There is a lot to take away from in this video. If you want to see more case study with lifters at Fortis, like this video and leave a comment below with what issue you want to see checked out!

    NOTE: This video is a specific case for an individual. Jake isn't saying that everyone should squat like this. Knees over the toes is absolutely fine for most people. If you are suffering from knee issues however, this can become problematic!

  2. excellent keeping the bar over the mid foot, that's the really hard part knees not so difficult

  3. Just watched this today. Have the same issue with just my right knee. Gonna try this.

  4. Great content on a very common issue that doesn't get enough attention. Thanks

  5. "Do all this shit thats completely unnatural for your body because bar path > all." Ok dude. The kid has knee pain from squatting enough to get a 3x bodyweight squat. We are not machines…

  6. I go ATG all the time and my knees go over my toes i think when i do that.. how can i prevent blowing my knees out then?? And is it a mythe or is it real about that knee past toe rule is bad thing??

  7. is it possible to avoid heavy squat lifting for gains/strength? I find its causing me more issues and injuries in my knees and hips as well . are there other machines are techniques that can replace this exercise?

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