How to make popovers that don’t stick to the pan! This is an easy way to make popovers that work out every time!

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Products shown or used:
Popover Pan*:


Ingredient List:
* 1 cup Flour
* 1/4 teaspoon Salt
* 3 large Eggs
* 1 cup Milk
* 1 tablespoon unsalted butter, melted
* 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into 6 even pieces

(If you only have salted butter, then use that.)

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  1. These came out beautifully! And I do mean came out, hah, whole from the pan. My last batch had stuck to the sides of the pan like glue. But these were gorgeous, and delicious. I have to say though what I enjoyed best was your voice and kind manner — I just kept thinking, I want to be friends!

  2. OMG I love making Vinny popovers break them in half and stuff them with chicken salad crab salad or even with some shrimp salad anything goes with these

  3. Would it still work if you oiled the pan with vegetable oil? Instead of saline oil

  4. I’ve been making Yorkshire puddings for 45 years, where I come from they are served with a roast dinner and I use lard because there meant to be savoury not sweet. Started Keto 7 months ago so no flour for me or hubby, I gave these a go, they are pretty good, but I will stick with the lard. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Its Not Burnt Like Other Pop0vers Receipes Video's I've Seen…Thanks 🤳👀🤳Almond Milk…Secret Ingredient

  6. Doesn't filling the muffin cups on the open oven door let all the oven's heat out?? A hot, HOT oven is part of the recipe for popovers! What a waste! And it's probably why your popovers didn't brown properly.

  7. This recipe look great! I'm trying it out for Easter morning. I like the idea of putting butter in the individual cups. Looks like it'll add great flavor. I bet you could probably add some savory spices to the buttered cups as well. Thanks for sharing your recipe. 🙂

  8. I am no Baker! I was soooo afraid to try these….bought a pop over tin and followed directions to a T, OMG I am eating my very FIRST POP OVER and they are HUGE, yummy and so impressive! I cut a tiny slit in sides to cool so they don't FLOP. I can't wait to make these for someone! I am eating mine with a small bit of strawberry jelly! THANKS FOR TEACHING US with great, simple directions. I can cook! YAAAAAY!

  9. This is by far the most complicated popover (Yorkshire Pudding) recipe on YT. It's also has the longest baking time.

  10. For the batter, can you simply use heavy whipping cream instead of milk and butter? Heavy whipping cream already has a little bit more fat content than regular milk. Also, do you use regular flour or self-rising flour? I am thinking plain flour but your recipe does not specify…

  11. Popovers don't stick in the pan if you adequately butter the pan. If that gives you issue, follow the butter with a light dusting of flour.

  12. I made these again on Christmas morning. All of the popovers came out perfectly!

  13. Cool pan. I recently tried foodwishes recipe and it did not stick to the pan. These are so fun to make, and stuff with things 😀

  14. Very nice video tutorial, I'm new to popover. just wondering is there anyway that I can add sugar in it to make it slightly sweet maybe? ( I know it's a,silly question ) thanks in advance

  15. I've tried about 4 popover recipes. This is the only recipe that didn't stick to the pan.

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