Restoration Rusty Axe What Is It For?

Hello folks! Today I want to show you my new restoration project. I found this strange axe at flea market and still I don’t know for what it? For me it’s so interesting, because I can’t found any information about this axe in internet, if anyone knows something please leave a comment. Okay, time to restore it!
Restoration process:
I used rust remover liquid to removed rust from axe head and dirty too. Then via iron brushes I cleaned it and left and left it in its own factory color, light silver. I cleaned the fixed part and then sanding little. Handle I cleaned and sanded on lathe machine. I made little changes on handle because the round handle is not good. Finally, I used just linseed oil for impregnation of the hatchet handle. Also, I sharpened the axe head and changed the screws on the fixed part of axe. As usual made test for you.

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17 Replies to “Restoration Rusty Axe What Is It For?”

  1. Very interesting Axe. I've never seen one like that before. You did a fantastic job restoring it. Everything about it is perfect. You truly brought it back to life.

  2. My guess would be military. We used a similar one called a entrenching tool in the Army 🪖. A foldable shovel.

  3. Dropping that ax head is why you don't wear sandals in the shop lol. Beautiful handle. Love linseed oil finish. And your humor. Thanks for keeping the rustic look of the ax head.

  4. looks like an older army folding spade with changeable head pieces such as hatchet, hammer, etc. if so, then there are still some parts missing

  5. Great job !! . I have never seen an axe 🪓 like that. Multiple parts ???? Interesting.

  6. Man ur videos r so surreal to watch. Hope u keep up the good work.

  7. Вероятно к этой рукояти был не только топор

  8. Обычный турист со сменными насадками.

  9. I have a tool similar to this that I use for day to day use. It’s a hammer, pliers, needlenose, Vice grips, and wire cutters all in one.

  10. Apesar de estar afiada a lâmina, faltou capricho no geral, na minha opinião.

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