Restoration Extremely Dirty Old Hand Cranked Grinder

Hello folks! Today I want to show you my new restoration project. I found this extremely dirty old hand cranked grinder at a flea market. I love mechanized tools and sure I bought it. This project was the longest, it took one month and a week and a half.

0:00 Review
0:28 Disassembling
5:33 Rust remover
5:46 Washing
5:59 Rust cleaning
6:07 Handle
6:30 WD40
6:44 Cleaning fat
7:46 Sanding parts
9:03 Correction
9:37 Oiling
10:15 Putty
11:04 Paint
11:43 Stone adjusting
12:22 New part
14:20 Handle
16:16 Dance
16:18 Assembly
18:14 Final review
18:29 Test

Restoration process: …. was very long. It included working with various tools for removing rust, washing, adjusting parts, sanding, painting, putty, creating new parts. There was also work with a wood lathe, to create a new wooden handle. I also used a welding machine. The work was done colossally. After carrying out all the work, I finally finished on the June 19 more than 30 GB of video was shot. I spent the remaining one and a half hours creating the video and rendering it. I hope you enjoy this restoration project! Thank you for attention!

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13 Replies to “Restoration Extremely Dirty Old Hand Cranked Grinder”

  1. That Grinder was beyond extremely dirty. YUCK.
    You did a fabulous job restoring this Hand Crank Grinder. I really love the blue color you chose for it.
    I'm sure you enjoyed your cup of tea 😀
    I'm glad I watched this episode.
    I really enjoy watching your channel.

  2. Нужно было взвесить до(без деревяшки) и после. Там пару кило грязи точно было))))

  3. Супер ! Тоже начал подыскивать что то старое для рубрики реставрации, буду помаленьку осваивать эту тему, сегодня выложил первое видео реставрации электро точила, если интересно можете глянуть. Думаю следующее будет старые тиски.

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