DIY Income Property Renovation ep 3 Mike's First Flip

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It’s episode 3 and we’re taking care of the framing and drywall in the living room and dining room! Thanks for the helpful advise in the comments last episode, should be all done with drywall fixes by the end of the next episode!

I bought this property to turn into an income property (rental /Airbnb) and if you haven’t been following along, here’s a link to episode 1:

Drywall Tips:
Home renovation:
Vancouver Carpenter:

Materials and Supplies:
Drywall Tools Set:
Drywall Hawk:
Drywall Trowels:
All Purpose Joint compound:
Mesh Tape:
Paper Corner Tape:
Metal Reinforced Corner:
Plastic Corner Bead:
Corner Bead Adhesive:
Hand Sander:

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Thanks for watching!!
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Thanks for watching!
-Mike Montgomery

Hi, My name is Mike Montgomery and I’m a MAKER; a designer, builder, and full-time content creator. Accessibility is my focus with Modern Builds, not simply accessibility of designs, but accessibility in materials, information, and projects themselves. I’ve focused on creating furniture and DIY projects that are simple enough that any beginner maker can accomplish, yet interesting enough that any expert might be inspired. Building and making is becoming less and less of an exclusive hobby and profession. My goal is to reduce that separation even further.

12 Replies to “DIY Income Property Renovation ep 3 Mike's First Flip”

  1. I really appreciate your honesty in addressing your happy accidents or mess ups.
    Too many new DIY’ers quit trying bc projects don’t go as smoothly as the TikTok that inspired it.

  2. The faceplate on the thermostat should come off, then you'll have access to the wires from the front.

  3. Vancouver Carpenter is my goto for drywall help ❤ love your videos Mike.

  4. I recommend you use a product for the inside corners it’s called straight flex it’s a plastic tape and since it’s plastic you don’t have to cover the whole tape with mud just the edges so you’ll get rally god corners

  5. ???????????????????????????????? you are a fast learner! I saw the way you took all the tips from the first video!
    Proud of you! Now it’s a game of rinse and repeat till perfection!

  6. Loving the videos! I will say, make sure to watch your hands while using the nail gun. Its hard to remember not to hold your hand right against what you are nailing because it can be difficult to hold it securely. Its super fun to watch your skills grow!

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