SQUARE FOOT Gardening Easily DOUBLED This Guy's Harvest OVERNIGHT!


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Intro – 00:00
What is Square Foot Gardening – 00:17
Why You Should Square Foot Garden – 00:30
Companion Planting on Steroids – 00:55
Stability in Diversity and Beneficial Connections – 01:22
Square Foot Gardening is Scaleable – 01:31
Growing Vertical with Square Foot Gardening – 01:41
Tuck Protecting the Garden – 02:32
Succession Planting in a Square Foot Garden – 03:06
Interplanting in a Square Foot Garden – 04:22
Staggering Plantings in a Square Foot Garden – 04:39
No Weeding in a Square Foot Garden – 05:16
Mulching in a Square Foot Garden – 05:40
Where to Square Foot Garden, in the Ground or in Beds? – 05:50
How to Set Up a Square Foot Garden – 06:01
Showing My Square Foot Garden Beds – 06:18
Saving Money with Square Foot Gardening – 09:08
Watering a Square Foot Garden – 09:43
Saving Time with a Square Foot Garden – 09:52
How to Arrange Plants in a Square Foot Garden – 10:09
What to Plant in a Square Foot Garden – 10:26
The Rules to Square Foot Gardening and Spacing – 11:30
Outro – 12:05

18 Replies to “SQUARE FOOT Gardening Easily DOUBLED This Guy's Harvest OVERNIGHT!”

  1. Hey James !
    I totally love your Chanel and that you promote Permaculture (Which is how I originally found you). Just gotta ask, though- What’s with the “all purpose fertilizer” in this video ?

    Love your info and your energy !

  2. Ty for your tips, very helpful!!…..love to Tuck ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Got a lot of Bartholomews books and he’s changed SFG since the first books. Their needs to be balanced coverage of gardening methods as SFG isn’t all good for all people. It has a high initial cost. The expense of building even a small raised bed and filling it with soilless mix adds up quickly. It is cramped so it is not good for all crops. Vining winter squash, asparagus, or a big planting of sweet corn, etc. Grow herbs and more compact veggies such as carrots and radishes in your square foot garden and relegate large plants or plantings to a traditional rowed vegetable garden. It has insufficient depth in the updated book method. The six inch updated book method is too shallow for most plants, especially if their roots can’t extend into the soil below. If you are planting on top of pavement or hard areas you want twelve inches for better results. But that now doubles he already high cost of making Bartholemews soilless mix per bed. Same if you are trying to avoid heavy metals or contaminated soils that your beds are built on you want twelve inches over the six in the updated book. There is a lot more watering over traditional in ground growing. The soil in raised beds tends to dry out faster and is harder to re-wet if it dries out, so you may find yourself watering every day in the heat of the summer to keep your plants growing well. If you live in an area with high water costs your water bills will be high. More frequent maintenance. If you follow the video and remove weeds when they are very small you will be ok. But with high density planting of the weeds are left to grow and put down roots intermixing with the dense planted roots then they can be a pain once those roots get established and entangled. Most of these have solutions but if you are new to gardening and just are hearing about SFG don’t think there aren’t any negatives to the method. Be well rounded and balance the pros with the cons. The best things SFG teaches is planning, intense planting and succession planting. These are great skills to learn and will serve you well even if you apply these techniques outside of the box of SFG.

  4. As someone disabled i dont suggest a 4 ft wide bed. It makes it impossible to harvest without a great deal of pain.

  5. You need to do a collaboration video with Mark from Self Sufficient Me.

  6. You are such an inspiration! Thank you so much for all the tips 🙂 XO Tuck <3

  7. Do you still plant things like tomatoes in ground like you have in the past? Just wondering. Been watching for years thank you

  8. Awesome stuff!! What is your method for planning your planting routine? It aways seems spot on. Tuck is the best❤

  9. I love you channel James but can you give us a breakdown if you layouts from summer to fall veggies in a square foot gardening what do you plan beside each other I have the book but I'd love to see you know how you are laying out you know each one of your square foot garden

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