Do This NOW for FREE Elderberry Plants from your Cuttings

Learn to propagate and grow elderberry from cuttings on a budget!

That’s right, if you have access to an elderberry bush, you can obtain cuttings and easily root and grow your own elderberry bush for free.

If you look at buying them nowadays, you might spend upwards of $30-40 per plant.

This is a great time to capture cuttings and use them to get more elderberry into your life!

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15 Replies to “Do This NOW for FREE Elderberry Plants from your Cuttings”

  1. Thanks for sharing,. This reminded me I have Elderberry seeds I bought maybe 3-4 yrs ago and going to plant them today. I didn't realize there were different species. Will I have to obtain more for the pollination or can I plant all the seeds and they feed off each other?

  2. We still have a couple feet of snow on the ground…do I need to wait for it to all melt before I take cuttings?

  3. I brought my start of elderberries from the wild of where I use to live. I did not need two varieties for them to produce. Mine seem to spread from the roots.

  4. American Elderberry grows wild here in South Louisiana. I gather the fruit every fall.

  5. I just bought 5 different types of elderberry cuttings last year and they came in January and I put them immediately in some water until I could thaw some soil that I had in my vehicle. I have them now in little containers in the soil and they are doing great and I can’t wait to plant them in pots this spring until we move from our rental apartment to our own house and then they will have their permanent new homes after that. I have 10 gallon grow bags that are especially for them and I hope they continue to do well when I transplant them into their pots. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to getting free cuttings from mine in the future ❣️????❣️

  6. I just bought a 14 acre farm in Missouri…. I am digging up some of my elderberries and bringing them with me!

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  8. You can cut off the entire elderberry tops at ground level and grow new canes each year and improve production. Dig up runners for propagation.

  9. thank u

    dud you know jesus was nail to elderberry
    the cross was made of elderberry

  10. Great show! What other fruits can I cut and stick in the ground to make more plants?

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