Doing Some Work & Making Flower Arrangements in My Parents' Garden! 🥰🙌🌿 // Garden Answer

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15 Replies to “Doing Some Work & Making Flower Arrangements in My Parents' Garden! 🥰🙌🌿 // Garden Answer”

  1. Have wanted to add pansies for fall color but here in Nampa you cannot find them anywhere!

  2. Great job Laura! So beautiful to see a close-knit family amongst all the chaos in the world. Thank you for making family love and respect hip 🌻❤️☀️🏡

  3. Wow. How do you get so many things done in.such a short time? Would've taken me a week. 😂

  4. Oh Laura you are one in a million, so generous, thoughtful and kind. You get it from your mother xxxx Love to all the family xxxx

  5. Love how you take such get care of your parents! Question, how are the butterflies that were planted this last spring?

  6. Laura everything looks beautiful, and you my friend are AWESOME!!!! A daughter to be very proud of!!! Have a beautiful day! Hugs:)

  7. You are the best daughter your mum would have been so happy with all the beautiful things you did ,so special xx

  8. Laura, you are such a blessing to my heart. The world could use more people like you in it. Thank you for always being the blessing you are.

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